I'm late but I wanted to refresh my blog again and now I finnaly have a reason again to write.
Well, I'm back in Japan again - again it's Nagoya and again it's the Nanzan University.

How did it all happen?

It kind of happened all of a sudden to be honest.
Around July I talked to some co-students at university and I learned about a 3 months programme of the German institute of the Nanzan university. The great fact is, the Nanzan university pays the flight of the guest students - the only reason why I considered doing this programme.

So I'm back at Nanzan from September until December. I am currently going to university most days of the week and assist the teachers during their German lanuage lessons and help the japanese students.
Besides I'm again working on another reasearch for my master's thesis.

Back at Nanzan

I'm so happy to be back at Nanzan 'cause I really love this university, their International students' programme, the location and Nagoya in general :D
Nanzan University emblem

The new tea house of the university

and a cute lizard :D

Nanzan campus

The green area of the campus

Green area

So how is it to be back again in a city and a country you have already lived in for almost one year?
To be honest it's kind of strange. On the one hand nothing feels new and on the other hand I know notice many new things which confuse me.
One thing I noticed was that Konbini stores (convenience stores) became less and were replaced by drugstores - isn't that strange, considering that Japan is the land of convenience stores :D

Nanzan university didn't change much, it only got a few new buildings but most has stayed the same.

Some places in Nagoya have changed - before all our beloved Taiyaki shop near the university has closed and the AEON mall near my former dormitory has been renovated and contains a UNIQLO now! :D

But there are also difficulties this time

I did not receive the scholarship I've applied for and that was said to be "super-easy to get, everybody got it by now" and so - though it's stupid, I kind of expected to get it before coming. Of course I also worked full-time to get money to pay my host family but now, as ai didn't get the scholarship it's really hard.
Also my host family lives quite far away from the university so I have to go by bus everyday, which means I got monthly driving costs of at least 8000Yen, only considering the bus route to the university.
When I asked the scholarhship office of my home university if they would know any other scholarhsips, they only said "No and of course we assume that students have enough money if they go abroad" Well....of course...and that's why there are scholarships, right? Because people have enough bugs anyway, right?! (-.-) That much for equality of opportunity...(-_-;)

There are other things that aren't so well and don't make me feel so happy at the moment but I decied not to write about it here as it would be unfair against the persons who are related to it to write about it online.

I don't want to sound ungrateful - I am very aware of the luck I have to be here again and of course there are so many bigger problems, but I think everybody can imagine that it's just annoying if you've been looking forward to a great time and that so many unlucky things happen so you can't really enjoy the time.
It may be super capitalistic way of thinking but be sure - Living in Japan without money really isn't fun. I'll write about it next time.

I hope I'll be able to write here more often from now on and even if I don't take so many photos this time I'll try to post some anyway!

I also wanna try to write in German AND English..we'll see if I'll make it :D

Until then!

- Thess

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  1. Schade, dass es keine neueren Einträge mehr gibt. Hatte mich schon gefreut, wie der Blog sich ab diesem Post entwickeln würde. Habe deine Einträge immer sehr spannend zum Lesen gefunden und werde sie sicher lesen, sollten sie kommen. Viele Grüße!