Meeting Thanh Thao again!!

Hey there again~

Just a short update about what happened lately~

I started working in TENTEN Coffee again^^

 I'm so happy to be with all the nice people from TenTen, Naniwa and the other shops and all the nice customers of the Immermannstr. and Oststr. in Düsseldorf - it feels a bit like Japan sometimes : 3

 Oh and I own a smartphone now. As you saw, I started instagram and codenote. Feel free to follow if you like^^

Here are some pics I made in TENTEN lately^^

Chocolate & salted caramel tart, coffee, frozen Yogurt with lemon tart cream and salad from TENTEN Yogurt^^ <3

Today I finally met my dear friend Thanh Thao again after more than one year!! (*_*)
I was so happy to see her again <3<3

We went to Takumi to have Ramen and afterwards we went to Tenten Yogurt^^

We didn't have so much time to speak because I'm still not living in Düsseldorf so I have a long way home every day and had to leave early.  I'm looking forward to meet her again soon to speak more and have a lot of fun^^

It's good to be back in the hood :D 


  1. Wie heißt du bei instagramm? *_*

    Und sooo tolle Bilder und ich freu mich für dich <3

  2. Ja, ich will dich auch bei instagram adden. :)

  3. Oben in meiner sidebar (im Blog) könnt ihr einen Link zu meinem instagram-Profil sehen :)))