the last days

Just some pics of the last days in Fukuoka and Nagoya.

On tuesday was the last day of my internship in Fukuoka.

The dear people made a little surprise for me!


And we had a huuuge bunch of fruits!! so good(T//T)

I also got presents.. Ramen that are only available in Kyushu :D

And a beautiful wind chime*-*

In the evening I got invited to Motsu Nabe! (Motsu are the guts of animals XD)

First: cold motsu. I ate animals' guts for the first time and I have to say...it's good (o.o;)

If I remember right, this is the tail of a cow! It sounds not good but I was surprised how soft and good this meat is!

And now came something very new for me: pig feet. I thought "wha! that can't be good"...but it was delicious (-///-)

Last but not least: Motsu Nabe, the main dish!

Motsunabe!! It was so good!!! *_*

Afterwards: Karaoke!! :DDDD

We just sang X Japan, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and all the good old stuff all the time XD

and hide of course~

It was so nice, I will miss those dear people so much!! (T_T)

Yesterday I came back to Nagoya.

I went to the dormitory where I lived the last 9 months to pick up my baggage..

I met Kazu and Hye-Bin for a last time...(;__;)

I will stay at my friend Yoshie's place until tomorrow.
We met with some dear friends and went to a last Karaoke..

Tomorrow I'm leaving.

I'm sad.. ;_; 


  1. Fühl dich gedrückt oder Ähnliches... ;__; muss schwer sein! Denk an das Positive hier! Deinen Freund, deine Freunde....
    Und du fliegst bestimmt bald wieder mal nach Japan, jedenfalls hoffe ich es für dich.

  2. Have a safe flight back home!