Outfits of Japan

I'm so bored I don't know what to blog about.

I'm still at my family's place, just hanging around, cooking all day and being nervous.
I don't know why I can not find peace. Maybe it's because in Nagoya (and most places in Japan in my opinion) there is so much more "life" everyhwere. Everywhere are people no matter on which day or which time. You can go shopping, walking or doing interesting things anytime you want. 
But here..on sunday all shops are closed. The little town in which my family lives is just boring, nobody outside, no things to see or to do.
I feel nervous and squirrely all the time. In Japan I either had to learn or do homework or meet people or go to my internship etc. I was never just doing nothing. Now I have too much free-time and don't know what to do with all that free-time..

So I thought, I'll make a post about the outfits I wore in Japan.

Warning, most outfits look the same and are rather boring as I don't know much about fahsion style etc.

During thr 10 months in Japan many different stlyes inspired me. Amongst them were:
Mori Girl, Freto-Girl, Retro Girl, Kirei Kei, Street Style~ I say 'inspired' as I always failed to create authentic nice outfits (-.-;)



  1. I really like all the styles, the pink x yellow scarf looks so warm and comfy :)
    I feel pretty unrestful since coming back from my year abroad as well. I have reverse culture shock lol :p

  2. ahhh I so miss clothes shopping in Japan!
    also, I spent a year in Japan during high school, and I feel your pain. I felt so empty when I came back. I didn't have the inspiration to do anything for weeks. cheer up! it'll get easier!


  3. I love your outfits a lot~ I think you know a lot about style!
    Really hope that you feel better soon!

  4. I can imagine how boring it must be suddenly. But hopefully you will groove into Germany again soon.
    But I like your clothing style :) Even if some outfits look similar sometimes, it looks still great. Some I remember from your blog entries :P

  5. Ich liebe deinen Style! Der Hut steht dir unglaublich gut und das Bordeaux-farbene Kleid ist der Hammer!
    Du lasst dich nicht in einem Style festketten. Du lebst Mode und bist immer im Wandel! Nicht nur in der Mode..das macht dich aus! Das bist und warst immer schon du! Ich liebe das an dir :) du inspirierst mich...heute wie damals <3