Flight//last week//Food

So I'm back.

The flight from Nagoya to Frankfurt was comfortable, without any problems - as expected from Lufthansa. 
I even could sit alone, that was amazing!

Last pics from Nagoya (airport)

They had a Starbucks at the Lufthansa terminal, I got a last Matcha Latte there and looked at all the nice Japan-tumblrs. I feel like collecting them all..

The food was also good. As always, they had to mix the german and the japanese menu because they always seem to have too less japanese menues but still, I got some of the tofu and beef stuff.

Dinner was unagi! It was good though the sauce was a bit bland.

First pic of Germany~

So I'm here since a week now.
I spent one week at my boyfriend's place. I'm so happy to be back with him. We really made it to be separated for 10 months. It was really hard but we made it. 
It made it easier for me to settle in here again.

But it was a little shock to be honest.
It already started in the plane, there was one stewardess whon was just so - strict and direct. 
Going shopping, going to shops, seeing the people here, here it's so much colder, stricter, more unfriendly, less polite.

The weather is rainy and cold since I'm here.

And..so many people here are tall and big (or rather obese..) It's just..after almost 1 year in Japan, I just noticed such things.

But well, what I did lately~

I cooked a lot. 

Bagel with cottage cheese. 


Baked salmon with mustard-garlic-sauce, salad and brown rice.

Sugar-free blueberry muffins~

When I met my boyfriend, we went to one of our favourite cafés~

My outfit~ Too cold~

I will have to go to France with my family next week. I will come back in August. Afterwards I will finally search for a new apartment in Düsseldorf and start working again.
I hope I can meet my friends again~


  1. Wow after one year being back in Europe... Must be very weird. I followed all your posts from the time you stayed in Japan and it really gave me good confidence that me and my boyfriend will be fine as well when I'm there. And of course that it will be an amazing journey! I hope you have a good time in France :)

  2. I've followed your blog around two years and i absolutely love it! Any change you could consider making posts about your favorite places in Germany, and/or sort of what-to-do-while-in-germany (or at least near where you live?)

    1. Thanks for your comment^^ I could make some posts about Germany, at least the few places where I am^^ I think when I live in Düsseldorf again (a bigger town, the village I'm living in now is not interesting at all XD), I will make some more of those post^^

  3. You cook such amazing dishes. I feel like sinking my teeth into those salmon. I guess when you're in Japan for 10 months, such cultural difference is really stark. How nice that you and your boy survived the 10 months. I used to always be in LDR with my then-bf (now hubz) and I understand how that feels.

    You're most welcome, Theresa. Ah, I didn't know that. Maybe your name or url changed slightly. No wonder I find you so familiar. Thanx for your sweet comments too and I hope we continue to stay in touch! Will visit your blog more often!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  4. How rude is that sentence with "tall" (Europeans are taller than Asians, that's genetic wtf?) and big people?! I always liked your blog very much but I notice that you have become more and more rude in your last posts... Saying you don't like blonde hair and these things. That's all kind of rude and dumb. Unfollowed.

    1. I just described things I recognized after coming back to Germany after 10 months in Japan and that was exactly what I wrote: I recognized that people here are are tall (no judgment ) and here many people are bigger than in Japan.
      I don't like blonde hair. Sorry, but that's what it is. I have nothing against blondes, I'm naturally blonde myself lol. But I don't like blonde hair.
      Maybe you misunderstood something~
      Have fun finding other blogs which you like more :)

  5. Ich hätte so gerne das Rezept für den Lachs mit der Senf-Knoblauch-Marinade... Würdest du es bei Zeiten posten? :D

  6. Liebe Theresa, so schnell geht die Zeit rum und schon bist du wieder hier. Das Essen sieht wie immer so lecker aus ♥
    Man gewöhnt sich wirklich schnell an die japanische Freundlichkeit wa? Nach 2 Wochen in Japan empfand ich Berlin dann immer schon wieder als total unfreundlich..

    Übrigens musstest du uns doch auch nix mitbringen, das hab ich schonmal gesagt :) Ich hätte die Koffer nach 9 Monaten auch voll mit Dingen für mich gehabt glaube ich xD Freut uns aber sehr, wenn dir die Sachen gefallen ♥
    Wenn du angekommen bist, freu ich mich, auch wieder von dir zu lesen bzw dass wir uns vielleicht auch mal wieder sehen können ?!
    Liebe Grüße

  7. Oh, du bist ja schon zurück! Das muss wirklich hart sein... Ich glaube ich kann mir das gar nicht richtig vorstellen wie hart. Aber herzlichen Glückwunsch an dich und deinen Freund, dass ihr das ausgestanden habt! Großen Respekt!