Outfits of Japan

I'm so bored I don't know what to blog about.

I'm still at my family's place, just hanging around, cooking all day and being nervous.
I don't know why I can not find peace. Maybe it's because in Nagoya (and most places in Japan in my opinion) there is so much more "life" everyhwere. Everywhere are people no matter on which day or which time. You can go shopping, walking or doing interesting things anytime you want. 
But here..on sunday all shops are closed. The little town in which my family lives is just boring, nobody outside, no things to see or to do.
I feel nervous and squirrely all the time. In Japan I either had to learn or do homework or meet people or go to my internship etc. I was never just doing nothing. Now I have too much free-time and don't know what to do with all that free-time..

So I thought, I'll make a post about the outfits I wore in Japan.

Warning, most outfits look the same and are rather boring as I don't know much about fahsion style etc.

During thr 10 months in Japan many different stlyes inspired me. Amongst them were:
Mori Girl, Freto-Girl, Retro Girl, Kirei Kei, Street Style~ I say 'inspired' as I always failed to create authentic nice outfits (-.-;)



Flight//last week//Food

So I'm back.

The flight from Nagoya to Frankfurt was comfortable, without any problems - as expected from Lufthansa. 
I even could sit alone, that was amazing!

Last pics from Nagoya (airport)

They had a Starbucks at the Lufthansa terminal, I got a last Matcha Latte there and looked at all the nice Japan-tumblrs. I feel like collecting them all..

The food was also good. As always, they had to mix the german and the japanese menu because they always seem to have too less japanese menues but still, I got some of the tofu and beef stuff.

Dinner was unagi! It was good though the sauce was a bit bland.

First pic of Germany~

So I'm here since a week now.
I spent one week at my boyfriend's place. I'm so happy to be back with him. We really made it to be separated for 10 months. It was really hard but we made it. 
It made it easier for me to settle in here again.

But it was a little shock to be honest.
It already started in the plane, there was one stewardess whon was just so - strict and direct. 
Going shopping, going to shops, seeing the people here, here it's so much colder, stricter, more unfriendly, less polite.

The weather is rainy and cold since I'm here.

And..so many people here are tall and big (or rather obese..) It's just..after almost 1 year in Japan, I just noticed such things.

But well, what I did lately~

I cooked a lot. 

Bagel with cottage cheese. 


Baked salmon with mustard-garlic-sauce, salad and brown rice.

Sugar-free blueberry muffins~

When I met my boyfriend, we went to one of our favourite cafés~

My outfit~ Too cold~

I will have to go to France with my family next week. I will come back in August. Afterwards I will finally search for a new apartment in Düsseldorf and start working again.
I hope I can meet my friends again~