Lately // Circle lenses // Wig // Outfit

Today was my first free day since two weeks. I was so busy the last weeks with my internship and work in the café.

Today I went to Tenjin station again. Tenjin station has an amazing underground shopping Arcade, with lots of lots of shops, There is Tenjin Core (the Shibuya 109 of Fukuoka), Loft, Parco etc.

I don't know why, but somehow I wanted to buy circle lenses today. I was always afraid of circle lenses, thought "Are they bad for my eyes, how is the quality etc." but lately I lost those fears and just think I should just do what I feel like to do. So I bought a pair of cirlce lens at a small store in Tenjin Core.

I had circle lenses before, I had been sponsored by Shoppingholics. Here's my post about it.

The lens have a dark brown color with a hole in the middle so that the natural blue of my eyes is a bit visible.

Oh! And I bought a wig! :D I wanted to buy a wig for a long time and today I thought it would be really better to buy one in Japan because they are proportionally cheap and from great quality!
Oh and yes, it's a men's wig! :D

So it's kinda "If I were a boy part II" The last time I wore a wig was last year for a role play in university, here's the post^^

Oh and yes, the sweater is from SPINN's Men section too. Sometimes I just love boys' clothes and stuff. ^^

My outfit was simple as always.

I didn't came with many clothes for Fukuoka, I just wash them often and have all my other clothes in my suitcase in Nagoya waiting for me.

Top & skirt (wirnklyyyy!!) by Honey's

Some pics from a rainy day in Daimyo, the fancy district of Fukuoka city, right around Tenjin station.

Some other stuff from my everday life.

Selfmade Shiso-drink at my internship! I actually don't like the taste of fresh Shiso leaves but this juice was amazing! :D 
In the bus everyday :D


Nothing better than a good cold coffee from the close-by vending machine and a Momiji Manju! 

The beauty of sunlight in Mugi tea.

I kinda feel excited today, I love my new wig and lenses. I always loved dressing up and acting, when I was a child I always would dress up as a princess or Native American or boy or pirate or Geisha or anything XD You never get too old for things you really like, huh..^^

Do you like dressing up/costumes/cosplay?

Oh, and I made a new header. I used the site picmonkey which has very cute designs!
Actually I wanted to also change my blog name and blog URL because I think this japanese/katakana word is just not understandable difficult to remember. But then I read that if you change your blog URL, it is as if you created a new blog and all your followers and comments get deleted. So I kept the URL.

I also wanted to change my blog name some time ago because I didn't like the "sweet" anymore. I actually never drink sweet milk coffee. I'm a coffee junkie but I need my coffee just with milk, without any sugar! XD I literally hate sweet coffee XD

But I couldn't think of a good new title. I thought about something like "milk coffee days" or something. But then I thought I can even let it be "sweet milk coffee", somehow I have already identified with this blog name.

However my header shows me, and excellent milk coffee I drank in Kyoto and Nagoya downtown! 

Anyway, do you like my header?


  1. Awww die Perücke ist soo toll und steht dir unheimlich gut!!!*//*

  2. die Perrücke steht dir unheimlich gut *____* und die Linsen sind toll! Dein Outfit sieht klasse aus :3

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  4. oooh these lenses look soo good on your eyes!!

  5. Your new header look nice! I have heard of picmonkey but have never tried it myself.XD Have been meaning to make a header for my blog for a while now but I just can't decide which pictures to put, etc. n_n So I've been without a header for some time now.XD

    The momiji manju looks good! Wasn't able to try manju when I was in Japan but here they sell japanese-style manju and it's too sweet and I don't quite like it. Probably tastes better there.:P