Japanese summer nail and make-up trends

First, thank you all for those nice and lovely comments on ym last post. I appreciate them all!
I love all of you guys who always write nice comments. Although I don't know all of you in person, I feel so connected to all of you! (T_T) <3 Thank you (;////;)

I lately noticed that most of my 'colleagues' at my internship wear amazing nail polish on their toenails.

It's always some colorful nail polish and a lot of glitter on top!

Akemi, one of my colleagues explained to me that most people can not wear such flashy nail polish on their hands because of work etc. but everyone designes their toenails quite freely.

I totally fell in love with glitter nails and bought some glitter nail polishes too XD

Some of the nail impressions of this summer!

Mine and my colleague's nails :D



 And at the moment you see amazing nail polishes everywhere! (*0*)
This is my little collection so far :D

The eye make-up trends this summer looks similar: Though the colors are not glittering, this year's trend is clearly colorful eyeliner and eyeshadow!



 And my miserable make-up tries XD

To be honest, the trends look nearly the same to me every year XD Well, summer is mostly colorful eyeliner-time XD
But those extreme glitter-nails are new to me, I don't even know if I could buy those polishes in Germany :(

I like the colorful summer-trends of this year^^ 


  1. I love the trend! Now I want to make my toe nails with glitter nail polish~ maybe after work *__* I'll think I try mint green with glitter.

  2. Klar gibt es diese Glitzernagellacks auch in Deutschland, ich hab viele davon ;)

  3. Von homei hab ich mir in japan auch nen coolen Lack gekauft ♥
    Ich liebe Glitzerlacke! Ich komme nur gar nich zum Lackieren bzw. verzichte auch einfach wegen Naoki drauf. Will aber demnächst unbedingt mal wieder lackieren *-*
    Liebe Grüße :)

  4. Deine blauen Augen *___* (Glitzernagellack steht dir sehr gut :))

  5. Ich bin eigentlich gar nicht mehr so der Fan von Glitzer gewesen, aber ich muss sagen, dass das so auf den Fußnägeln doch irgendwie echt schön und sommerlich : )