Daytrip tp Nagasaki // Chinatown // Atomic Bomb Museum // Sakamoto Ryoma

On sunday, two lovely girls from my internship took me to Nagasaki for a daytrip! (*_*)

We went with an express train, the japese express trains are so classy! :D

 The coean!^^

A brief stop at Obama! :D

Japan's wonderful mountains!

After two hours we arrived at Nagasaki station and first went to Chinatown to have lunch!

 With Akemi and Ayako


We went to eat Chanpon and Sara-Udon which are famous foods of the Kyushu area, especially of Nagasaki's chinatown^^

My Chanpon Noodle soup!

Afterwards we went through Nagasaki.

We went to Ora church, one of the beautiful churches of Nagasaki.

In Nagasaki was the city that had the most contact with Europeans, especially Dutch in Japan's history. There are a lot of dutch builidungs left over everywhere in the city, most of all churches.

But first we stopped at a shop with beautiful glass art. 

So cute (*0*)

So next we went to the Oura church! 

The church was very beautiful. 

Nagasaki ist famous for its' tram system with nice old trams all over the city.

Many japanese cities had trams before but most cities have only busses and subways nowadays. 

We took the tram and went to our next spot, Megane bashi, one of Nagasaki's nice bridges!

Beautiful flowers all over the city!

Megane Bashi (eyeglass bridge)

Afterwards we went to see Ryoma-street! 
Sakamoto Ryoma is probably one of Japan's most famous Samurai.
He paved the way for the Meiji-restauration and everywhere in Nagasaki is stuff about him.
And he is pretty cool :D
I am interested in him because my boyfriend likes him a lot and so I always wanted to know more about this historic character of Japan.

It was hot so we got some chilled Ramune!

 We found Ryoma-Doori!

 There it's written, "Ryoma Doori" - "Ryoma street"

 Accidentally we met an old guy who first photographed us and then said that he is a freelance-Guide and he showed us a nice route all along Ryoma Dori and explained many interesting things about the city, Ryoma and other things.

Beautiful Nagasaki!!

 This bridge is an original leftover from Ryoma's time, 200years ago.

 We climed all the way to the mountain and found a little statue of Ryoma!^^

It was so nice. Afterwards we went to the atomic bomb museum. 
Nagasaki was attacked by the US. at the end of WW II with an atomic bomb right after Hiroshima. 

A chain made of one thousand paper cranes.

This was the place where the bomb dropped down, the epicenter. It was very impressive.

The famous peace statue.

 We went home at 6pm and I made some pics of Japan's beautiful countryside!!

My beautiful Nihon <3

It was a nice day in Nagasaki, such a beautiful city, much history and so much fun with Akemi and Ayako.


  1. Wow ich liebe Tagesausflüge <3

    Ich war letztes Jahr ich Hiroshima in dem Atomanschlag-Museum. Das war wirklich sehr ergreifend und ich bin echt froh, dass wir die 5 Stunden im Zug über uns ergehen lassen haben!

  2. I really want to visit Nagasaki as well and see the Dutch houses haha. See if they look like the houses we have in Holland ;) Hiroshima must be a very special place to visit. Even though we didn't live during the war it is still a heavy place i believe...

  3. Gorgeous place ^__^ love the name 'Obama spa' :P
    The train looks nice! Love the wooden floor c: Xx

  4. Wow, the Megane bashi area looks soo much like my hometown Hang Zhou (china)! and the glass art looks so cute!

  5. Hach wie herrlich die Bilder ♥ Die Landschaft und das Essen und eigentlich alles. Ich vermisse Japan ;-; Ich finde es toll, wie viel du unternimmst ♥ Ich glaube das habe ich schon 1000 mal geschrieben oder?! :D
    Ich hab heute das Paket für dich bei der Post abgegeben, damit es nicht so lange bei deiner Mama rumliegt. Kenne das ja selbst wenn man zum Beispiel für Nachbarn was annimmt und dies ewig nich abholen xDD Ich wünsche dir noch entspannte und aufregende Tage in Japan. Bis bald ♥

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Ich liebe deine Bilder! Auch wenn ich nicht immer viel kommentiere, schaue ich mir deine Blogeinträge immer mitunter am liebsten an. :)

  7. The express train seats look so comfy! different from the regular ones.XD

    Nagasaki seems quiet (in a good way) and not too crowded. Love the bridge and the cobbled walks. The way up along the ryoma-dori looks lovely too. Everything looks so typically not-so-modernized japanese... a very nice break from the big city! :D