And suddenly...

...it's only 6 days left until I have to leave Japan.

 I don't want to start to write a long "Oh I don't wanna go! I love Japan! It was too short! I don't want to leave my friends! I have settled in so well, I feel so good here! I still need to learn the language! I have no time!"-posts because everyone who went to Japan for a longer (or even shorter time) know those feelings, I'm not the only one of feels like that.

Of course, everybody is different: I know people who liked it here but couldn't get on with everything here so well, or some who like it but still prefer their homecountry and that's totally fine. There are people who fall in love extremely and prefer to concentrate on the happy-fun-'exotic' side of Japan and that's totally fine too. 

I think I'm one of those persons who came here with some background knowledge due to study, books or friends/family (in my case friends and my boyfriend and my study of Japanese and Japanese culture at university) and didn't feel that extremely surprised when seing everything in original. Of course there were things I experienced for the first time but mostly because my boyfriend is Half-Japanese and because I was interested in Japan since my childhood and read book over books, I was somehow familiar with most 'strange japan-things'. 
I really fell in love with Japan but I also have my points of Japanese culture and society which I don't like (not dealing with own war past, history, sexism, racism - like, the stuff no one likes about no country XD).

I said I don't want to write a long whiny post about how much I don't want to go.
Because it's just easy as it is.
I don't want to go. 
I like the everyday life here so much.
It was too short - The past 10 months went by like nothing and it feels like I just arrived here 2 months ago or something..
I don't want to leave my friends and all the nice people I met here.
I kind of feel settled in so well, now that my Japanese finally got a bit better, I just want to stand up next week again and go the konbini and everything.
I still need to learn the language! My Japanese still is so bad, I am afraid I will forget everything if I go back now.
I have no time - there is still so much I want to see, people I want to meet, things I want to try, work I want to do.

That's it.

For the next 6 days I will forget that those are the last days here.


  1. Geniese die letzten Tage. Ich bin sicher, dass du eines Tages zurück kommen wirst und all die Orte wieder besuchen kannst ^^

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog a while back which allowed me to connect with you. You look so familiar but your blog link is so new to me. I wonder if we've been acquainted before. Lemme see, from your Katakana Jap name here, I would translate your English name into Teresa? Or Theresa?

    Goodbyes are always difficult and Japan being such a charming little country with pleasant people would be hard to say goodbye to. I haven't been to Japan even though I'm only a few hours away but I love watching about it on Cable channels.

    I will be following you now. I appreciate your comment and I hope we could continue to stay in touch.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. Ah, it seems like I've already followed you previously. =)

  3. omg mir kamen jetz echt die tränen bei dem post ;______;
    mir ging es damals auch so...ich hab die letzten tage so vollgepackt und nur freunde getroffen von früh bis abends, so dass man das gefühl der traurigkeit verdrängt ><
    aber es wird ja nicht das letzte mal sein, dass du dort warst <3 auch wenn die gewohnte umgebung etc zu einer anderen werden wird ><
    genieß die letzten tage!!!
    liebe grüße <333

  4. Genieße die letzten Tage. Es ist wahnsinn, wie schnell die Zeit vergangen ist! Ich kann mir vorstellen dass du mit gemischten Gefühlen diese Tage verbringst.
    Ich freu mich, dass unser Päckchen bei deinen Eltern ankam, da hast du was zum Freuen daheim :)
    Ich wünsche dir eine tolle letzte Zeit.
    Alles Liebe ♥

  5. You're so lucky getting to live in Japan for ten months. I'm leaving for Japan tomorrow. I only get to stay a month though.

  6. Oh nein, geh nicht!!! Oder: Komm ganz schnell wieder! :D
    Eine Woche…das ist ja nichts…aber wenn du erst einmal wieder in Deutschland bist, wirst du bestimmt schnell Dinge finden, die du vermisst hast ohne es zu merken! Bei mir war das zumindest damals so, dass ich viele Dinge, die mir so normal vorkamen, ganz anders wahrgenommen habe! Und dass alle Deutsch sprechen, das war gewöhnungsbedürftig, kein lautes Lästern mehr, wie hässlich der Rock oder die Frisur von jemandem ist! XD
    Ich hab aber auch letztens wehmütig daran gedacht, wie das erst mal ist, wenn ich den Campus von meiner Uni nicht mehr betreten kann…falls es mit der Verlängerung nicht klappt, liegt das ja auch nicht mehr in weiter Ferne…hachja…die Zeit vergeht so schnell…außer wenn man in der Vorbereitungszeit für die Klausuren steckt! ^^

    Achja…und ich hab gestern ne Demo von Ganbare Nippon live in Shibuya erlebt, mir kam fast das Kotzen! So viel zu den Dingen, die in Japan nicht so dolle sind…

    Liebe Grüße und bis morgen Abend, live im Kolloquiums-Channel! :D

  7. I too enjoy your Japan posts so much and think that your stay is too short! But, all the more reason to come back to Japan. :D

    Make videos of your daily walk from your dorm to combini / the university / everything else. I know people will look at you strangely (while taking it) but videos are wonderful things to keep and makes you remember what the feeling was like while there.:D