Tried Häagen-Dazs' new Veggie-ice creams!//New glasses

Since one week there are 2 new ice cream flavours by Häagen-Dazs available in Japan!
(Maybe in other countries too? Idk)

It's vegetable ice cream!!

 Carrot-Orange and Tomato-cherry!

Looks pretty strange, doesn't it? Well, I tried both! :D

 Carrot-orange looks really orange and tastes really good! Carrot juice has a pretty sweet taste and it harmonizes very well with the fresh orange taste. However, the carrot taste is dominant.

Name: キャロっトオレンジ (Carrot-Orange)
Price: around 284Yen (including tax)
Energy: 206 kcal
 Release date: 2014.05.12

The second one is tomato-cherry!
The color is pretty weak, more salmon than pink or red. Only from looking at it, it doesn't look as delicious as the Carrot-orange. 
Unfortunately I didn't like it. The taste is only tomato. I gave it to my dormmates to try it too and they also said that it doesn't have any cherry taste at all. I don't like tomato juice and this ice cream just tastes exactly like frozen watery tomato-juice. :(
If you look at the package and the consistency you would expect some sweet ice cream so it gives kind of a "why did they make an ice cream out of tomato juice??" :(
The fact that I paid almost 300Yen for this cup and only ate one spoon, is sad too :(

Name: トマトチェリー(Tomato-cherry)
Price: 284Yen (incl. tax)
Energy: 216 kcal
Release date: 2014.05.12

Well, that's not really interesting but today I finally bought new glasses!
After I broke my old one in Tokyo last year by rolling over it at night :DDD, I finally had the chance to buy a new one from the popular brand JINS!^^
It was interesting to make a japaense visual test but it went well^^

The glasses are really big, I know :D D Somehow I wasn't aware it was so big when I tried it on but now I really like the size! :D I think it's cool :D
Oh and I finally bought a hat! I wanted to have a hat for years and not only a cap but a real hat! :D
Finally I found one that I like^^ It's getting really hot from now on in Japan so a had is really necessary!

My last days in Nagoya..I just try to enjoy them.

See you!


  1. Omggg veggie ice cream flavors? That's pretty new and
    something that I really want to try out! I'm sorry to hear that
    the tomato-cherry one didn't work out :c Xx

  2. vegatable ice creamm!? That's so interesting :D
    I hope I can find it when I'm in Japan this summer. and the glasses look cute on you!

  3. Hehe. Veggie Ice cream is not what I would expect to be delicious. It's cool to see so many weird tastes available in Japan. I would also like to try them. Hehe. I think the glasses look really nice on you! Hope you enjoy you stay in Nagoya! Cya~

  4. Vielen Dank für deine liebe Antwort, und sorry, dass ich jetzt erst darauf eingehe - ich hatte Abiklausuren zu schreiben! :D Danke für das Kompliment, es freut mich sehr. Und dein Austauschprogramm klingt echt super, sowas würde ich auch gern mal machen. Für mich geht es nach dem Abi erstmal nach Südafrika für einen Freiwilligendienst, danach möchte ich Illustration studieren. Das will ich schon seit ich ganz klein bin :) Japanologie würde mich auch reizen, aber erstmal versuche ich in Richtung Kunst zu gehen.
    Ich wünsch dir noch eine schöne Restzeit in Japan! :) Liebe Grüße!

  5. Too bad the tomato-cherry one didn't taste as nice. I actually like tomato juice but I can't imagine it as an ice cream flavour. >_<"" The carrot-orange sounds nice and it has such a beautiful orange colour!! I wish we had that here too *A*

    The glasses look really cute on you! (And it goes so well with the hat too) :D

    I hope you're enjoying the rest of your stay in Nagoya!