Outfit // Fukuoka food // everyday life

It's still May and it's already almost 30°C here every day.

I'm going to my internship everyday..with my beloved hat! :D  

One of Fukuoka's specialities is Raisin sandwich! I tried it out yesterday, it's really great! :D

Tried another outfit lately. 
Skirt and blouse by Honey's

Lately I love Granola. But it's so sugary! (>//<)

My favourite drink: Mugicha (wheat tea)

Fukuoka's country side

Waiting at the bus stop everyday.

This internship is really fun but it's also exhausting.. one reason is the heat. 
Japan's latitude is the same as Italy's. I'm not used to such a kind of heat. And soon the rainy season will start..I have to buy rain boots.


  1. The hat looks really cute on you ^^ and I like your outfit. Hope you post more outfits in the future :)

  2. I like the hat on you~ really cute *_*