Outfit// food// meeting friends// make-up

Lately I do nothing but eating (-.-;) Meeting friends in Japan always means to eat something XDD

And there are also so many delicious things I want to eat as long as I'm here.

So today I first met with Caro to go to the café 'Downey's' which is close to our dorm^^ She gave me a coupon to my birthday for one dish there :3

I had shrimp and avocado bagel and Caro had Vegetable omelett sandwich

Food! :D  As dessert we shared french toast!


Today I wore the nail polish and the eye liner I bought yesterday^^

My outfit of today^^

Hat: Earth music & ecology
Shirt: Honey's
Pants: Aeon
Bag: bought in Harajuku
Shoes: Bought in Osu

In the evening I met with Honami at Mei-eki (Nagoya-station) and we went to a soba restaurant.

It was so nice to speak with her and have a nice evening^^ 

With Honami^^

I have to pack my luggage! It's just too much (T///T)


  1. Love your outfit and the bagel looks great!

  2. Suuuper schönes Outfit! Ich finde du passt so gut in Japan rein mit deinem Style!!

  3. The eyeliner is such a beautiful colour. :3

    All your food photos are making me hungry!! XP The avocado bagel looks so good.