Next stop: Fukuoka!

I arrived in Fukuoka at around 13:30h. 

It was a bit exhausting with my heavy luggage and very hot weather but now I'm here, again a new town and I love it!

The first thing I noticed when arriving at the airport was: So much green! Everywhere in the city are trees, green parts, parks etc. I love it.

Bye bye Nagoya!

It was a stressful day. My Sensei waited for me at the airport, then we went to other Senseis who have organized a cheap dormitory room for me, to thank them and give Omiyage. After that another Sensei took me to the dromitory, again, Omiyage, tea and smalltalk After that, he was so nice to show me the neighbourhood, the local supermarket, train station etc. 
After that I had to buy the things I needed for my stay here.

Here are some first pics I made while strolling through Fukuoka-city. 

So this will be my home for the next month until July.

The first impress of Fukuoka is different than Nagoya.

Much green, the biggest town in Kyushu, though it somehow seems small to me. Hardly saw any foreigners. People are friendly and discrete. It's clean and there is a sense of history everywhere. Fukuoka/Kyushu was once the most important part of Japan, one can say, Japan has started in Kyushu. The supermarkets are expensive, the little street stands and boothes with delicious looking veggies and fruits are the cheapest I ever saw.
It's hot. People seem more relaxed to me. Not so perfectly styled like in Nagoya, not so polarizing like Tokyo, not so chaotic like Osaka, more modern than Kyoto.
It seems a good place to live.

I'm looking forward to the next month!


  1. Wünsche dir eine ganz tolle Zeit in Fukuoka! Ist bestimmt mega interessant! !

  2. Oh how cool that you can stay in Fukuoka for a month! Is that part of the study program? :)
    A friend and classmate of mine has been to fukuoka a lot. He will go this summer again, and he says it's a great place. Looking forward to your next update ^^