My Room

Today I visited the home for the elderly in which I will do my research for the first time. 
I don't think I will post pictures of it here and if I do, of course only a few pictures. I want and have to keep the privacy of the caretakers, elderlies and my interview partners. And I think, it maybe doesn't interest so many of my readers. 
I will post about my research project and about the home for the elderly that I'm visiting but not so much.

It was hot today. Nagoya was hot too the last days but somehow Fukuoka's heat is one of a different kind..やっぱりit's the south :D

This is the room/apartment I'm living in for this month.

On the right side is toilet and bathroom with bathtub

The tiny kitchen. Unfortunately the cooking plate doesn't work so I have to cook in the community kitchen and pay for gas with 10yen for one cooking turn..BUT I have a water heater so I can live on instant products, fresh veggies and fruits :D

My room: right is my bed, on the left side my desk and fridge.

It's simple and old but I like it. I just need to sleep here so I don't need much luxury and I somehow enjoy living simple again. 
My dormitory room in Nagoya was way more narrow and crammed with too big furniture and stuff (-.-;)

Today's breakfast: Coffee + pineapple+granola+yogurt!


  1. I hope you feel home quickly in your new home :)
    I was wondering if by any chance you have a Japanese blog. On ameba or something like that?
    I'm thinking of starting a Japanese blog to practise my Japanese, but don't know if to chose ameba or just make a side blogger blog :)

  2. Good luck on your research! I would love to visit Fukuoka, it seems like a really nice place. I could imagine living in a small place like that, sometimes is good... you have less possibility of having things you don't really need around. Hehe. Hope you have a nice week! :)