my must-have items for this summer

1. Trainers/sneakers
2. Hairband
3. Boyfriend jeans
4. midi skirts in different colors and textiles
5. striped socks
6. Retro jeans skirt

I really want to have new shoes.. but I can not decide whether I want traners or converse-style  sneakers..


  1. I really like that you post more often again :) and thank you for commenting on my blog! Yes I'm going to Japan as well. Such a shame that you are not there then anymore :,( otherwise we could meet.

    I bought sneakers not so long ago but they are not so nice when its hot outside. So I recommend the converse shoes :)

  2. Das Haarband ist hübsch ♥ Mir steht sowas leider gar nicht, hab ein zu schmales Gesicht dafür :/
    Liebe Grüße