Kato Miliyah Concert on April 24!

I had the great chance to see another of my favourite artists in conert!

After Art-School and Takarazuka I was able to see my favourite J-Pop artist Miliyah in Nagoya!

I wrote about how I luckily won a ticket for her concert in Nagoya here !

The ticket! (*0*)

My seat was really far away from the stage at the third balcony but still I was able to see everything and it was a great show!
My view on the stage. 

I did not take photos during the show (of course :D) and there are only few pics online.

The concert was really amazing!!

It was the first concert that was so typical japanese with those plastic lights and everybody doing the same dance moves and people shouting "Miliyah!" etc. XD

Source: http://fyeahkatomiliyah.tumblr.com

Her show was amazing! She had several platforms on the stage, fire, videos, lazer, an amazing dance group and a great live band!!
The dances were great and everything was perfect.

Source: http://fyeahkatomiliyah.tumblr.com

Miliyah had 3 MCs and she is really a nice person. 
At least the person on the stage was very very friendly, she thanked also us people on the 3rd balcony for coming although it "is so far away from the stage", she complimented the cosplayers in the fist row, took presents from them and spoke a lot.

Miliyah is not so famous international (for example like Ayumi Hamasaki) but she is a huge star in Japan and everybody knows her.

Source: http://fyeahkatomiliyah.tumblr.com/

 She sang the song for Olympics 2012 in London ("Heartbeat")

And she has just released her collboration song "Fighter" with the amazing Mika Nakashima!
This song is not only the theme song for "Spieder Man 2" in Japan but will also be the song for Japan in the Soccer World Cup 2014 in Brazil!

Miliyah's main theme on her current album is LOVE and GOD. 
She lately sings a lot about the equality of all kinds of love and she also made a very cute MC about that, saying "Nobody can tell you who to love and love is not defined. Whoever you feel love for, just love him or her." 
I think it is imortant, that Pop-artists who have a big influence on young poeple, transmit those messages!

But just as amazing as Miliyah herself, were her fans!

Everyone of them look sooooo beautiful and great!!

Here are some pics of fans I found at Miliyah's blog:

 Haha, I felt so underdressed XD

This concert was really amazing^^

Actually wanted to buy a tour-tshirt but everything was so expensive T_T
So I just bought a towel for 2100Yen, but I like it^^

I am really happy that I had the chance to see my favourite singer/songwriter live, although her concert are sold out within 5 minutes normally and I am also so happy that she did a tour right when I was in Japan^^

If you are interested in her music, her actual album is called "Loveland", I'd recommend the songs "One night only", "Unique", "Lonely hearts", "Sakura Melody", "Kami-sama" and every other song too :D


  1. I really like her too and I am happy that you had the chance to see her! <3

  2. eep I love some of her recent songs too! *v* esp her duets with shota shimizu <3 you're so lucky to win the ticket!!

  3. so cool *__* freut mich für dich ^^