Feeling of summer coming to Japan

It's May already.

Monday and tuesday are finals.

On 17th it's the big closing cerenomy (still need a dress  O.O).

And then it's time for Bye-Bye to all my friends and to Nagoya.

I will leave for Field study in Fukuoka and then have to leave Japan in July.

But well, let's not think about that.

Went to Meieki (Nagoya station) today to charge my phone for the last time and couldn't resist some accessory shopping~

I love hair-bands (>o<)

And some socks from Tutuanna!

Yesterday I found Tsubu-An (Sweet bean paste) in our local Supermarket!!

One of Nagoya's delicious specialities is the famous Ogura Toast, which is just sweet Bean paste on Toast and it's so good!

You get it here in most cafés, Konbinis etc. and I'm so happy to find it now in a store^^

Yummy breakfast! (the 37 is my room number here so that everyone knows which food belongs to who XD)

Pics of today~

Feeling of summer in the neighbourhood~

My feet look so naked XD Good I have some hot socks now : DD
(I still think my feet are flat and wide...(><))

So I'm going to continue learning now...


  1. Wahnsinn wie schnell so ein Uni-Jahr umgeht! Genieße deine restliche Zeit in Japan! :)

    Mir gefällt dein neuer(?) Kleidungsstil super gut! ;)

    Ich habe dich übrigens getaggt, falls du Zeit und Lust hast.

  2. Your items are really cute. :3
    Bai, Shiki

  3. I want it ;_; the red bean thing. Looks delish!