Girls-Day in Sakae! (Fooood and Shopping!)

Tomorrow is the closing cerenomy of my university.

One week left in Nagoya.

I almost ate all the food I wanted to eat here (mostly the special Nagoya food) but I still haven't had eaten the most famous food of Nagoya: The expensive Hitsumabushi which is delicious eel on top of hot rice!

Today I finally made it to meet with my dear friend Yoshie who knows a restaurant in Sakae where you can get a Mini-Hitsumabushi dish which is not so expensive.

So we went there for lunch! :D

My outfit for today~

The Hitsumabushi dish!

(*////*) Unagi (eel) is my favourite fish^^

First you mix it and eat it without toppings and then with onions, nori and wasabi! 

And at the end, you eat it as Ochazuke! It was sooo good (*v*)

Afterwards we wanted some dessert :D

I haven't eaten the popular french toast yet and there was a new café that sold french toast so we went there!
The café's name is Amelie :D

Yoshie!! <3

My French toast!!! (*0*)

Yoshie's french toast! (*0*)


So good...

Afterwards we went to GU~
Sakae... lol everytime when I take pictures of Nagoya, the streets look so empty!  But actually it's pretty crowded all the time in the city :D

This is what I bought today.

 A simple black dress and the coolest t-shirt I've ever seen! :D

Yoshie and me<3

I will miss you when I leave Japan (;_;) See you again in Germany <3 


  1. so many great pictures and the food~ I want it!

  2. Hitsumabushi sounds like a very tasty dish! (I have only tried canned eel.) The presentation looks wonderful too! :3