88 Pancakes// Ramen// Out with friends!

Another last day in Nagoya.

Today I first went with Yumi and Caro to stroll through Osu and have Indian curry in our favourite Indian curry restaurant :D

We often went there in the past 9 months and already did small-talk witht he owner, today was the last lunch there :(

Salad and my mutton curry (*_*)


The last picture with the nice owner of Spice Express! If you are in Nagoya, please go there! :D

Afterwards we strolled through Sakae, went to Oasis 21 and in the evening I met my dear Yoshie!! I still haven't eaten one special dish of Nagoya and today we finally went to eat Taiwan Ramen!!


Taiwan Ramen is a special noodle soup of Nagoya with a LOT of garlic and a LOT of chili! :D However, we took the 'american' style with less chili :D

Taiwan Ramen and Yoshie! <3

Afterwards we were still hungry so we quickly decided to go to 88 (huit huit) which is a famous pancake restaurant!! I haven't gone there yet so I thought '4 days left in Nagoya, I should go there!' 

Aren't those amazing!! Haupia-sauce pancakes and Ogura&rice ball-pancakes! (*0*) We shared them! (*_*) It was so good!!

The amazing interior of 88!! Someday I will have my won café like this! 

Some things I bought today. 

Lash curler by Shu Uemura, nail polish by Revlon, eye liner by Dodo.

 And finally I got myself one of the great japanese Starbucks-tumblers! This one is from Nagoya, I like it so much!! :D

Yoshie gave me some delicious Omiyage from Kobe! (*0*)

Thank you!

It was so nice to be with my friends again, probably for the last time in Japan. I will see Caro and Yoshie again in Germany but it won't be the same like here in Japan :(

I am thankful to have had the chance to spend all the nice time with my friends here, eat good food, go to different locations, see new things, have fun.

Thank you so much for everything.<3


  1. Have some wonderful last days in Nagoya and enjoy the remaining time with your friends to the fullest!
    Great photos and if I ever get to Nagoya again, I have to try those pancakes and the curry. My last visit there was kinda unfortunate, so I didn't have the intention to ever go back again.
    Nevertheless, thanks to your reports and images I've changed my mind. Thank you for that! ♡

  2. Enjoy your last days there! The food looks great ;__; getting hungry~~~

  3. How much does a bowl of Taiwan Ramen cost? When I went to Osaka I found almost all of the ramen shops too expensive!! XD I wonder what it's like in Nagoya. I think I will like Taiwan Ramen because I like spicy things! :P I haven't been to that city yet but seeing your posts makes me want to go there the next time I'm in Japan! :D