20 Day Disney Princess Challenge! :D

I found this challenge here and although I'm not a big Disney-fan (at least I don't like and don't know most of the new films), I want to make this challenge*_*

20 Day Disney Princess Challenge:

(note: I will make this challenge including all disney GIRLS and BOYS, not only the princesses and princes :)

Day 1: The Princess you adore most

Pocahontas! Because she is the heroine of my childhood! Because she is strong, she is mature, she is sexy, she is beautiful and and and (*v*)

 Day 2: The Princess you like least

All of them "new" CJI and/or Pixar-princesses with their too big eyes and too extreme facial expressions and too silly characters and just too CJI and and and..

Day 3: The Princess you relate to most

Pocahontas^^ Because we both are rather sensere types, we like strolling through nature, want to save nature and believe that racism and war is not the way. 

Day 4: The Sidekick you wish you had

That would be Genie,because he is funny, he can make your wishes come true, he is loyal and just cool :D

Day 5: The best friend you wish you could hangout with

Nakoma, because we would stroll through the forests all day, eat good food and have fun. And the of them remind me of me and my best friend : D

Day 6: The prince you wish loved you 

Jim Hawkins. Ok, he's not a prince. But, he's hot (-.-;) and he is sensitive and interesting. He has to go through a journey to find himself. He thinks he is a loser, that he can't do anything, dropped out of school, hangs around, but then he finds his way and knows he is worth something.  And he's another hero of my childhood <3

Day 7: The parents you wish raised you

 Roger and Anita Radcliffe. They live in London, my father would be a humorous JAZZ-musician, my mother a beautiful book-loving lady. They love pets and seem very caring and warm-hearted people.

Day 8: The castle you wish you live in

  Actually I was never really interested in the castles and I like little cute houses more than castles. But I somehow like the classical Disney Cinderella-castle most because I had a toy version of it and somehow it is so typical Disney and beautiful.

Day 9: The town you wished you live in

 Paris (from Aristocats). I love the way Paris is shown in Aristocats, so romantic!
Right after that I would like to live in the New York of "The Rescuers".

Day 10: The dress you wish you owned

 When I was a child, I always wanted to wear Mulan's beautiful dress.

Day 11: The voice you wish you had

 Pocahontas~ I just love her strong, beautiful voice.

Day 12: Two princesses you think are best friends

Meg and Esmeralda. Because they are both strong sexy women who would gossip all day about guys :D

Day 13: Two princesses you think detest each other

I don't know but I think Snow White and Mulan would not get along very well because Snow White is a really old-fashioned rather weak girl who just waits for her prince while Mulan is a soldier. They would be just too different.

Day 14: Two sidekicks who could make a great duo
source: themagazine.ca
source: ashtarcommandcrew.net

I think Mushu and Genie would be a great and funny duo!

Day 15: Two princes who would make best buds

Source: boysofdisney.tumblr.com

I don't know but to me John Smith and Phoebus look nearly the same. They also have similar characters and types of humor. I think they would be perfect buds!

Day 16: The scene that always makes you cry

source: animationconfabulation.wordpress.com
source: allin1images.com
There are many scenes in Disney movies that are shocking to me. For example the scene in "Hunchback of Notre Dame" in which Quasimodo is humiliated by everyone on the market place was and is still a really disturbing scene to me. But I think the scenes that make me really sad the most are many scenes in Dumbo (I mean, he's just a little baby and has to suffer so much! T.T) and just pictures of crying and desperate animals.

Day 17: The scene that always makes you cheer
source: animatedkid.wordpress.com
The final scene of Pocahontas in which she sacrifices for her love and also speaks about the senselessness of war. To me this scene and the song 'savages' that leads to it was always so symbolic not only for racism and war of those days but also still for today's conflicts and misunderstandings between people and cultures.

Day 18: The scene that always makes you cringe
source: http://jennyatdapperhouse.com

Too many of those "funny" silly characters, too many "funny" silly scenes, too many "funny" silly faces with their eyes too big and their mouthes too widely opened, and sudden interruptions of quiet scenes with "funny" ridiculous actions by "funny" characters to give it all a slapstick-cartoon-athmosphere (-.-) No, I'm not a funny person lol

Day 19: The story you wish was your life
source: bplusmovieblog.com

source: auraeon99.deviantart.com
 I don't know a story which I wish would be my life as they all have really frightening and not so nice parts, but I always dreamed of rather living in Pocahontas' world or sailing on a ship into new worlds I never knew like in "The Treasure Planet".

Day 20: The movie you love the most
source: utterpiffle.blogspot.com
Well, it was obvious: It's Pocahontas. The first Disney VHS I bought on my own and wished to watch and has influenced a big part of my childhood, including a still ongoing interest in Native American culture and history. 


  1. Also ich mochte Pocahontas bis vor ein paar Jahren auch ganz gern aber seitdem wir den zweiten Teil davon gesehen haben, war ich ja sowas von enttäuscht! Da ist sie im ersten Teil soooo verliebt in ihren John und im zweiten schießt sie ihn in den Wind und brennt mit nem anderen durch. Ich war noch nie so geschockt von nem Disneyfilm! O.O;
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Ich seh, du magst Pocahontas. :D
    Wie Happy Berry war ich vom zweiten Teil aber auch extrem enttäuscht und geschockt. >_< Der erste ist gut und ziemlich typisch für die alten Disneyfilme, aber dass sie dann im zweiten Teil so einen Stilbruch begehen, hat mich schon umgehauen.
    Die neueren Disneyfilme sind auch nicht mehr so toll, finde ich. :/ Da wünsche ich mir echt welche aus meiner Kindheit zurück. v_v

  3. Ich liebe König der Löwen, Pocahontas und Mulan!!! *_* ...aber an sich nur die alten Sachen, irgendwie :/ mag die neuen auch nicht so...