Saturday café // Outfit

Today I visited the little café that belongs to my internship.

My outfit was just casual for a hot day. 

My breakfast was my self-made jam (*0*)

In the café I talked a lot to the people who work there and I got some cake and ice coffee (*0*)

It was so funny. I maybe will help out in this café from now on sometimes. :D 


Picking Strawberries in Japan

Today M-san, one of the employees of the home of the elderly in which I'm doing my internship, invited me to go picking strawberries. 
There are greenhouses all over in Japan where you pay a fixed price and then for one hour you can pick as many strawberries as possible^^
Picking strawberries ist very popular in Japan and I'm happy that I had the chance to do it before I have to return to Germany.
Afterwards we wanted to make jam to sell those at one of the home of the elderly.

So we picked up Y-san and went to the countryside of Fukuoka to pick strawberries!


We picked so many! :D 

 Hihi, me in japanese farmer style and with my strawberries! :D 

It was so hot, not only inside of the greenhouses but also outside..but it was funny^^

 Japan's countryside!

All our strawberries!

We were so exhausted so we stopped at a konbini somwehere and M-san bought ice-cream for everyone! 

I had Watermelon ice for the first time^^ It's so good!

It was great weather and while we drove throught he city, we listened to old songs of OASIS. The old rock music really connects people all around the world^^

Afterwards we went to Yoriai 3, one of the three home for the elderlies in which I'm doing my internship. 

We started to prepare the strawberries! 
Wash, cut the green part off, gather, cook, add sugar, press lemons and add lemon juice, cook and remove the toxins that exit, cook, until it thickens and then put into glasses.

M-san amde some coffee after some hours and we had some good talks about music. He also likes Dir en grey and all the old rock stuff I like to. We spoke a lot about X-Japan and listened to some music by Ozaki Yutaka while preparing jam. It was so funny :D


The nice little kitchen in which we made the jam.


9 kilograms of strawberries! We already had another 5 or 6 kilos! (o.o;)

In Yoriai 3, there is a nice little café every saturday. We prepared the jam there.

The café is so beautiful, I got so much inspiration there! 

M-san and Y-san in the kitchen(^^)

In the end we made 40 glasses of fresh nice strawberry jam and we still had so many strawberries left but it was already 8pm so we stopped for this day and I went home.

I received strawberries and a glass of jam *-* I can't wait to eat it!
It was such a nice day! 


Outfit // Fukuoka food // everyday life

It's still May and it's already almost 30°C here every day.

I'm going to my internship everyday..with my beloved hat! :D  

One of Fukuoka's specialities is Raisin sandwich! I tried it out yesterday, it's really great! :D

Tried another outfit lately. 
Skirt and blouse by Honey's

Lately I love Granola. But it's so sugary! (>//<)

My favourite drink: Mugicha (wheat tea)

Fukuoka's country side

Waiting at the bus stop everyday.

This internship is really fun but it's also exhausting.. one reason is the heat. 
Japan's latitude is the same as Italy's. I'm not used to such a kind of heat. And soon the rainy season will start..I have to buy rain boots.


My Room

Today I visited the home for the elderly in which I will do my research for the first time. 
I don't think I will post pictures of it here and if I do, of course only a few pictures. I want and have to keep the privacy of the caretakers, elderlies and my interview partners. And I think, it maybe doesn't interest so many of my readers. 
I will post about my research project and about the home for the elderly that I'm visiting but not so much.

It was hot today. Nagoya was hot too the last days but somehow Fukuoka's heat is one of a different kind..やっぱりit's the south :D

This is the room/apartment I'm living in for this month.

On the right side is toilet and bathroom with bathtub

The tiny kitchen. Unfortunately the cooking plate doesn't work so I have to cook in the community kitchen and pay for gas with 10yen for one cooking turn..BUT I have a water heater so I can live on instant products, fresh veggies and fruits :D

My room: right is my bed, on the left side my desk and fridge.

It's simple and old but I like it. I just need to sleep here so I don't need much luxury and I somehow enjoy living simple again. 
My dormitory room in Nagoya was way more narrow and crammed with too big furniture and stuff (-.-;)

Today's breakfast: Coffee + pineapple+granola+yogurt!


Next stop: Fukuoka!

I arrived in Fukuoka at around 13:30h. 

It was a bit exhausting with my heavy luggage and very hot weather but now I'm here, again a new town and I love it!

The first thing I noticed when arriving at the airport was: So much green! Everywhere in the city are trees, green parts, parks etc. I love it.

Bye bye Nagoya!

It was a stressful day. My Sensei waited for me at the airport, then we went to other Senseis who have organized a cheap dormitory room for me, to thank them and give Omiyage. After that another Sensei took me to the dromitory, again, Omiyage, tea and smalltalk After that, he was so nice to show me the neighbourhood, the local supermarket, train station etc. 
After that I had to buy the things I needed for my stay here.

Here are some first pics I made while strolling through Fukuoka-city. 

So this will be my home for the next month until July.

The first impress of Fukuoka is different than Nagoya.

Much green, the biggest town in Kyushu, though it somehow seems small to me. Hardly saw any foreigners. People are friendly and discrete. It's clean and there is a sense of history everywhere. Fukuoka/Kyushu was once the most important part of Japan, one can say, Japan has started in Kyushu. The supermarkets are expensive, the little street stands and boothes with delicious looking veggies and fruits are the cheapest I ever saw.
It's hot. People seem more relaxed to me. Not so perfectly styled like in Nagoya, not so polarizing like Tokyo, not so chaotic like Osaka, more modern than Kyoto.
It seems a good place to live.

I'm looking forward to the next month!


Outfit// food// meeting friends// make-up

Lately I do nothing but eating (-.-;) Meeting friends in Japan always means to eat something XDD

And there are also so many delicious things I want to eat as long as I'm here.

So today I first met with Caro to go to the café 'Downey's' which is close to our dorm^^ She gave me a coupon to my birthday for one dish there :3

I had shrimp and avocado bagel and Caro had Vegetable omelett sandwich

Food! :D  As dessert we shared french toast!


Today I wore the nail polish and the eye liner I bought yesterday^^

My outfit of today^^

Hat: Earth music & ecology
Shirt: Honey's
Pants: Aeon
Bag: bought in Harajuku
Shoes: Bought in Osu

In the evening I met with Honami at Mei-eki (Nagoya-station) and we went to a soba restaurant.

It was so nice to speak with her and have a nice evening^^ 

With Honami^^

I have to pack my luggage! It's just too much (T///T)