Toei Kyoto Studio Park!

So we went to Toei Kyoto Studio Park in Kyoto with the university!!

The Toei Studio Park is a small film park by the film company Toei in which Samurai- and Edo/Meiji related TV Dramas and movies are filmed. 

The whole park looks like a japanese town from late Edo-/Meiji-era might have looked with a bit Ninja-stuff.

In the entry area with Caro, Kanon and Ami^^

The town looked really cool and old-fashioned^^

First we had lunch in a Ninja-café. There were Ninja-weapons ont he wall and informations about Ninja :D

And Ninja-curry.

I had Ninja-dango~

Afterwards we went to see a little Ninja-show. The theater was great because it looked like an old Kabuki-theater.

The show instead wasn't kabuki or old-fashion. It conbined some Ninja-style acrobatic with some comedy, show-fights and a lot of cobputer animation. It was funny and exciting^^

Outside there was a nice little fall and stuff and suddenly in the background a kami/grandpa whatever appeared and spoke some things in Kansai-dialect like "you will have luck...maybe." XDD It was really hilarious XD

We continued to explore the village.

And old-looking coiffeur's shop~

 The room of a writer

I like little bridges : 3

And old fire extinguisher

I can not remember what this was, however an old-looking room.

There were many actors dressed like Samurai or Ninja

 Then we came to the Meiji-corner of the film village

An old-fashioned train wagon! (*0*)

There was even a little pony ;D

It was very interesting and funny in the movie park^^

I like old things of Japan but I also like thinking a bit more about it. 
In my german university I took a seminar about self-staging of countries and japanism/orientalism.
With this background-knowledge it is more interesting to visit places like his.

The danger of going to Japan and visit places like this is, to believe that this is really what Japan/old Japan looked like. We tend to believe the 'mystical, soft, artistic, sushi and sakura-image' that other countries and Japan itself have fixed in media and our thinking to create a certain image of Japan. 
But we must never forget that this what we see here is not the reality. The rooms and houses are not old but made to look old.
Some beautiful large japanese garden with a pond and moss should represent nature but this garden is not natural at all. Instead, for installing it, maybe a natural part of a forest was burned down and everything was installed by people to create an image of nature, that shows Japan how some Japanese and tourists want to see Japan.

Ok I'm wandering from the topic XD It's just, as you might know I am studying not only Japanese language but also 'Modern Japan' itself and withing my studies this field is one of those that interest me most so I thought I write a bit about it.

However I enjoyed wandering around in the film park and looking at all the nice buildiungs and stuff^^


  1. No it is true what you said! There is too much misinformation of what Japan's history was and it's modern look is, also! Glad you pointed that out!

    I have also visited this place and I really enjoyed it not because it reminded me of possibly what my generalization of old Japan is but rather what reminded me of the style and setting of old Japanese movies XD It is fun! I don't know if you saw it but they often had fake fights going on and also I saw a play there too but they didn't have any computer animation! one of the actors spoke English and was talking to my group in front of the whole crowd in the theater, it was so funny XD he was so nice though!

  2. Wow das sieht toll aus in dem Dorf!!! So richtig oldstyle. Schöne Fotos hast du gemacht!! :) Das Ninjacafe ist ja auch voll toll!!!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. omg it looks so good there! It would be so awesome to have full hair make and yukata on *o*

  4. Wow, ich glaube ich schreibe mit diesen Filmpark als "To-Do" für unseren nächsten Japan / Kyoto-Besuch auf. Wird Eintritt verlangt? Wenn ja, wie hoch?
    Ihr vier schaut jedenfalls aus als ob ihr einen schönen Tag hattet =)

  5. Es sieht toll da aus! :3 Ich würde super gerne mal in das Ninja Café. ♥