The hidden places of Nagoya!

On saturday I spent the whole day with my dormmate and dear friend Yu!

We did: Morning Service (Nagoya's speciality: Buy a drink and get breakfast for free); Window shopping, strolling, shopping and lunch and cooking italian dinner together ^^

Yu showed me some places in Nagoya I didn't know before and which are so so beautiful!!

So first we went to Kakuozan, where many little restaurant and unique little shops are located to have breakfast at Zarame!

My amazing breakfast set! One of the best coffees I had in Japan and pancakes with salad and Aloe Vera!

You had Matcha Latte and Hot Dog! We shared our Hot Dogs and Pancakes^^

 The great interior of the café! Someday I want to have my own café like this..

Afterwards we strolled through Kakuozan and watched the little shops.

It was still early so afterwards Yu took me to Higashigaoka Terasse which is a beautiful popular shopping street with also a lot of restaurants and nice shops.

 Hoshigaoka Terasse^^ It looks empty but actually there were alot of people.

We had lunch at Nana's Green Tea^^ I had cold Udon with Chicken, Onsen Tamago and sesame sauce. 

Afterwards we did some shopping at Uniqlo because they have great comic-print shirts at the moment!

In the evening we cooked italian food together with Momu!

Tadaa our All-Tomato-Italiay-menu!

 I made the Gnocchi with my own sauce recipe. Yu made an amazing pork-tomato-dish.

As a salad I made classic tomato and mozzarella.

As a dessert Yu had the great idea to make ミルクレープ! Which means Milk Crepe and is some kinf od a cake made of crepe and whipped cream^^
First the crepes. Then they have to cool down in the fridge. Meanwhile I made the whipped cream. Then we just spread whipped cream on every crepes and made a cake out of those.

Tadaaaa!! It was sooo good..


It was such a nice day with lots of delicious food!! I love my girls!


  1. Oh das ganze leckere Essen *-* yummy.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Das ganze Essen .... *_* nomnom!
    Schöne Bilder! Du siehst so glücklich aus. <3

  3. Liebe Theresa,

    wir wünschen dir alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag, ganz viel Glück und Gesundheit und dass all deine Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen werden!
    Alles Liebe Anne & Stefan

    ps. demnächst macht sich noch was auf den Weg zu dir ;)

  4. Oh Gott, jetzt bin ich hungrig! *_* So viel leckeres Essen.

  5. ahh that layered crepe cake! My friend recently learnt to make that, but it was a green tea version *o* it seems to be quite a well-known type of cake! All the food look so amazing omg ~~~