It's Hanami time

Finally spring has come to Japan and since a few days Sakura (Cherry blossoms) are blooming.
Furthermore there are a lot of new Japanese students coming this week.

Since yesterday there are various information things and oriantiation for the new students.

It's really a big thing over here if you go to university.

Every morning teams of various sports clubs are standing in line at the front gate and welcoming all the students with applause and "Welcome! Congratulations!"

Clubs and Circles are a very important for Japanese students, sometimes it seems as if they only go to university to join a sports, music or whatever club..

Today were many clubs and circles that introduced their programm.

We went outside with my class, watched cherry blossoms and tried to write haiku.

My university campus and many students in suits.

Taxes got raised since today. Everything is more expensive now (-.-;)
But well, nothing doing~

I'm lazy today.


  1. Die Ausbildung in Japan ist ja im Gegensatz zu Mitteleuropa wirklich teuer. Aber ich behaupte mal, in ein paar Jahren haben wir dieselbe Situation hier.
    Es sieht schön aus, wenn die Bäume in Blüte stehen! Ihr scheint wunderbares Wetter dort zu haben! :D

  2. Ich finde die Bilder wirklich schön <3 das Bild von dir ist auch toll!

  3. Traumhafte Bilder!!! Und du siehst so süß aus!! Ich mag deine Haarfarbe total ♥
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Euer Campus sieht so schön aus mit den ganzen Kirschbäumen. :3
    Das Bild von dir mag ich auch total.