Spending this break. Language course is over for today~ 

Later I'll have politics lessons. 

So hanging around, preparing homework for next week..

Combining east and west: Top from Osaka, jacket from Tokyo :D

And  having that luuunch!


I'm addicted to those ice coffees lately~ Non-sugar is a must though

And of course..Sumikkogurashi! 

Tried a Gacha-machine for the first time an got this cute hamster!

Gonna watch out not to get addicted to that stuff XD

Weather:  Finally spring has come, lately around 20° but today it's raining - water and Sakura
Watched Takarazuka's "Romeo and Juliette" DVD from 2011 with Otozuki Kei <3
Read The Japan Times
Music Kato Miliyah x Shota Shimizu "Sakura Melody"
Food Salad, Konbu-Onigiri, Ton-soup
Drink Mc Rainier Caffé Latte Non sugar
Thought Really no rising cancer cases after Fukushima?? (Acc. to The Japan Times UN-scientists found out that there won't be more cases of cancer)
Happy Speaking with my Babe
Wish My boyfriend by my side now
Shopping Some Zakka-stuff, Gacha-toys, Geta
Looking forward this month Kato Miliyah concert, Takarazuka-show!!
Need to do Send packages home, university stuff


  1. look nice;)
    and a very cute hamster^^

  2. Ich bin ja SO neidisch auf das Sumikkogurashi Handtuch!!! *O* Ich liebe die Tierchen ja sooooo ♥♥♥
    Dein Outfit sieht total süß aus ^.^
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Ich mag dein Kleid total gerne und der Hamster ist ja süß! :3