A dream came true: TAKARAZUKA!!!

Today, after many years of dreaming about it and never really believing in achieving the dream, it came true. 

I went to Takarazuka near Osaka to see a play of the famous Takarazuka Revue troupe!

I don't feel like explaining a lot, so here an extract from wikipedia:

The Takarazuka Revue (宝塚歌劇団 Takarazuka Kagekidan?) is a Japanese all-female musical theater troupe based in Takarazuka, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. Women play all roles in lavish, Broadway-style productions of Western-style musicals, and sometimes stories adapted from shōjo manga and Japanese folktales. 

And I also had an amazing seat in the S-section, which is twice-closest to the stage!

This year, Takarazuka Revue has it's 100th birthday so we went to see the '100 Year Anniversary Show' which consists of 3 special small anniversairy shows. 
The first one is called 宝塚をどり, the second was a short musical named 明日への指針 and the third, 宝塚100花詩集!!! was a one-hour sparkling and brilliant Revue and compilation of songs of old shows! (*-*) 

You can see three amazing videos of the show HERE!

But let's start at the beginning!

I woke up at 5am and we went by bus to Osaka. It was the first bus I drove with that had a TV and even Games!! (oO;)

Finally we arrived at Takarazuka Station!

The quarter around the theater is really beautiful and cute! Everywhere are little shops and cafés and everywhere pics of the Revue, it just looks  really nice.

And then finally..the Theater!!

Infront of the Theater they had a little wall with a stair and some pics of the Top stars! (*0*)

Had to take pics XDD

And the famous show-stairs!! XDD
lol me being hilarious!

And a huge poster of the show we were gonna see!

The old, classy 'Takarazuka Grand Theater'!

Well this is a theater, isn't it!

It is so beautiful!! (;//;)

There is also the Takarazuka Hall of Fame, some kind of museum about all the very first actresses and screenplay writers, musicians, stage designers etc.!

There you could wear some of the amazing Zuka-costumes and have a photo! :DD

 Taylor, Megan and me :DD We look hilarious but it felt glorious! :D

And then finally we went to see the show!

 Of course I didn't take any photos but I found some online.

So the first section was about the very beginnings of Takarazuka that included mostly traditional Japanese dances! 
It was called  宝塚をどり (Takarazuka (w)o dori) which is some kind of wordplay I think, as the 'wo' actually is a grammatical particle but when you speak it, it sounds like O-dori which means 'dance'.

The Dance-show included several songs and dances about different nature-related themes like flowers, water and fire.

Pic: mainichi.jp

It ended in a beautiful finale with a lot of fans and cherry blossoms and colors (*-*)
pic: mainichi.jp

The second part of the show was a western-style musical.
明日への指針/The guide to the future.

It was a romantic funny musical that took place on a ship.
Pic: Mainichi.jp
Masaki Ryu!

My list of favourite Takarasienne has a new member XD
I really didn't think that we would be able to see the Top stars, I thought on a friday at 13pm there is rather something like a understudy.

But no, we saw the Topstars of Moon group!!

 Then was a break again and then came the last part of the 3-hours-show, which was called 'Takarazuka 100 Flower poems!'

It was an amazing Revue show that was almost one hour long!

It is tradition at Takarazuka, that after the main musical, there is always a finale-show with colorful, sparkling costumes on the huge Revue-stage.

As a part of this finale, always the junior-students of Takarazuka school do a Can Can-dance!

But this time it was not a normal Can Can, it was  a Can-Can consisting of 50 girls performing perfectly synchron infront of a huge mirror wall, so in the end that it was a Can Can consisting of 100 girls! Or wear it even in reality 100 girls? I have no idea XD However I'm absolutely sure they were more than 50!

 Afterwards came a nice compilation of scenes from famous plays, just as 'Rose of Versailles', 'Lucifer's tears' and other plays!

pic: http://astand.asahi.com
Pic: http://pic.prepics-cdn.com

And of course, the pair dance of Masaki Ryu and her partner Reika Manaki!

pic: mainichi.jp
pic: http://mainichi.jp

And then after every song you think: 'Omg that was amazing, that was the best. It cannot become any more bigger, more sparkling, more perfect!'

...But it can XD

Pic: http://astand.asahi.com


Look at those hats! 

It was ..unbelievable. I still can not find the words to describe it accurately . It exceeded all my expectations!
The voiced were amazing!!  The stage design was..absolutely breath-taking beautiful, I've never seen that much glitter an sparkle and feathers and and and..!
The show was perfect! They had a lot of dances and very difficult choreographies but everything was perfect, synchron and beautiful!
Just one thing happened  when the main male dancers had a group dance at the end of the show, they had to come to the stage through something like a glittering curtain that consisted of something like silver tinsel (lametta). 
But one of the very long tinsel stuck to one of the dancer's clothes at her shoulder and she could not get it off (>//<) I felt so sorry for her because she had to dance synchronous to the others and it was really bothering her.. but then luckily the dancer next to her put it off of her back in a very small movement without even interrupting the dance. Well that's team-work!

Still, you can not describe how beautiful, dreamlike and gorgeous everything is.. not only the show, the whole place, the theater, the athmosphere - I'm so happy that I had the chance to see Takarazuka. If you ever saw a video, it is nothing compared to the live show! I'm definitely more addicted to it than before

宝塚歌劇、 お誕生日おめでとうございます!
Takarazuka, Happy Birthday!


  1. Oh, das ist ja wirklich iteressant ^^
    klingt total irre *o* mein Interesse an der Takarazuka Revue ging bisher über Rose of Versailles nicht hinaus XD
    aber die sind ja wirklich vielseitig und alles ist so bunt und glitzernd und so tolle Kostüme <3 Das wäre sicher auch was für mich <3 <3 <3
    bye ^^

  2. I envy the possibilities of seeing so many beautiful things
    and so many beautiful places! :)
    you're pretty :)
    I love to read blogs like this, full of passion :)
    we stay in touch? :) I love learning about new cultures, traditions and people :)
    greetings from Polish <3

  3. What good fortune to be able to travel to another city to watch a play that you've been wanting to catch. I'm glad you did it. It must have been a really awesome experience!

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    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière
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  4. Oh, das kannte ich noch gar nicht, das klingt ja interessant! Ich bin mir zwar nicht sicher, ob ich es mögen würde, vielleicht ein bisschen zu viel Glitzer und ein bisschen zu bunt, aber ich guck mir mal ein paar Videos an!! :D Ich finds auf jeden Fall schön, dass du dir einen Traum erfüllen konntest, du siehst echt super glücklich aus auf den Fotos, das freut mich echt für dich!! :D

  5. Thank you so much for your words on my blog. ;-)
    Great post, so pretty pics. Lovely greets Nessa

  6. Wow das kannte ich bisher auch nicht aber sieht irre interessant aus! Schöne viele Bilder hast du geschossen. Man merkt dir richtig dein Begeisterung an ^.^
    Das scheint so ein bischen das Gegenteil von Kabuki zu sein, wo die Männer alle Rollen spielen oder?! :D
    Liebe Grüße

  7. Das klingt toll und die Bilder sehen auch super schön und vielversprechend aus! :) Das war sicher ein ganz tolles Erlebnis. ^^