Tokyo 4, 5: Ghibli-museum // Curry & Karaoke in Shibuya

On thursday I went to the Ghibli-museum in Mikata (*_*).
I looke so forward to go there and finally made it (*//*)

Unfortunately only on thursday it rained a loooot and because of that it was a bit sad..
I also didn't go to the café, because it was so crowded and too cold to wait.. :(

Of course you are not allowed to take photos inside of the museum so I just two photos of the roof area with the beautiful sculptures of "Laputa".

So beautiful~

The Ghibli-museum was the most beautiful thing I ever saw, after Kyoto. It was..indrescibable beautiful, detailed and cute and charming!! (*///*) I want to go there again!!

Here is what I bought!


I actually only bought the cookies because of the nice metal box (*-*)
 But when I opened it, the cookies looked soooo great!



Even the cookies are beautiful and tasted delicious(^^)

In the evening I met Evelyn in Shibuya and we went to Coco Curry! It was the first time for me and it was amazing!!! (^^)
 Evelyn's chicken Curry with egg and my vegetable Curry with chicken katsu (*-*) It was soo good!!

Afterwards we went to a café have some dessert (*O*)

Some night pics of Shibuya! :D


The next day
Caro and me first went to Harajuku, afterwards we went to Shibuya to make photos with Hachiko <3  

Afterwards we went to the Starbucks near Shibuya crossing just to see if we could get seats on the window..and we even got two!(*0*)

 Shibuya-crossing and sooo many people!!^^

Afterwards I met my dear friend Katrin and we spent some time doing Karaoke <3

 On saturday 
I met Katrin again and we strolled through Shibuya^^

Hachiko wore a cute dress on that day.   

While strolling through Shibuya we saw this great installation infront of PARCO!

Amazing isn't it?! :D

My outfit of that day~
Trenchcoat: Here's
Shirt: Ensexcite
Jeans: GU

That was the last post about Tokyo.

Caro and I spent the last hours in Karaoke and at 12:30 we drove home to Nagoya by night bus :3

I learned to like Tokyo more.
The last time, it was raining all the time, but this time the weather was better.
Furthermore thanks to Arai-kun I saw a lot of interesting, not so crowded parts, mostly around Harajuku.
Last but not least, this time I wasn't alone so it was funnier.
Still, Tokyo is not my favourite city but I found some nice things  which make it worth vititing^^


  1. Okay, das nächste Mal geht's definitiv ins Ghibli-Museum :D! Diese Keksdose muss ich auch haben (ich weiß nicht wieso, aber ich kaufe sehr oft Dinge wegen der Verpackung, die ich dann zweckentfremde haha xp). Tolle Bilder! :D

  2. Woah cool der Goku und Ruffy!!
    Und Hachiko mit Dress wie niedlich ♥ Hach wir wollen auch gern wieder nach Japan! *-*
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Oh, die Bilder sind so toll. :) ♥