Tokyo 2: Harajuku and its secret places

On tuesday morning, we first went to Ikebukuro Sunshine City to do some Shopping and stuff. 
Afterwards I met with Keenan to have some lunch at Sukiya and afterwards we went to Harajuku. We wanted to explore the nice little backstreets and their secret shops and places. 

The famous Takeshita Dori and its shops!

The famous crepes shops. 

Keenan is interested in graffiti and there are actually a LOT in Harajuku.
I wonder if it's the only place in Tokyo where doing graffiti is possible..


After the main shopping street of Harajuku we strolled through some small streets..

..and found more awesome graffiti.

 We went to an art gallery..in fact I only know this place thanks to Arai-kun who took me there on monday^^ 

We found an awesome little sticker-shop where they sold self-designed stickers.

Here are the things I bought on that day.

A cue postcard by one of the great young artists in the art gallery.

Three stickers^^ I got the Shibuya-one for free^^

Hair accessory from Lattice~

Lip stick and nail polish by canmake

A beautiful and super-inexpensive Yukata and Obi from 'Chicago' in Harajuku(*0*)

Finally a trech-coat from HER'S and a Dir en grey-shirt from the amazing shop Closet child^^

And shoes I just fell in love with frm VIS and a cute shirt from Wonder Rocket <3 (T///T)

That was it about tuesday~ Comments are appreciated, all pictures belong to me!


  1. awesome pictures and awesome haul! <3

  2. Wow thanks so much for sharing! I really would love to go there and shop! ^^