The last weeks! ! (Gets, food, meeting friends)

I'm still alive...

Since I came back from Osaka and Kyoto, there were tests all the time and blogger was stupid all the time, so I couldn't make any posts (-.-;)

So know I want to write about the last weeks.

Two of my dear friends, Miyuki and Fumie are going to study in Germany for half a year and we organized a little Bye-Bye-Party for them! ^^

We met in a nice little italian restaurant and had some good time^^

The staff had made an awesome cake-plate, saying "Fumie and Miyuki, do your best during your exchange year!"

Afterwards we made Puri^^ 

And went to Karaoke^^

The other day I went to Komeda's Coffee to have Morning Service there with my dorm girls Shiho, Momu and Hye-Bin^^
Momu and Shiho ordered "ice coffee" - on the picture it looked like coffee and cream what they got was coffee, ice cubes and a HUGE amount of softice!! :D 
We ate it together : D 

I had a cinnamon coffee and Hye-Bin had Hot chocolate^^

For our coffee's prizes we got a thick piece of toast and egg (*0*)

It was so funny ^^


I spent Valentine's Day alone (T_T)

I had some awesome Brownies Hye-Bin had brought me from Korea <3 

And delicious Tomo-choco by Miyuki and Fumie^^

And I couldn't resist.. I wanted to have such a beautiful Valentine's Day chocolate..so I bought a little box. Look how beautiful..
The little pralines where unbelievable beautiful and delicious(^^)

The other day I went to Sushi-ro~

Some gets~
I got Miliyah's new album^^ 

Miliyah is coming on tour to Nagoya in April..
But you cannot believe how difficult it is to get a ticket..

First, only the smartphone-fanclub was allowed to buy tickets. (yes, it's a fu** fanclub that you can only become member of if you have a smartphone, don't ask me why..)

Since yesterday, even if you are not in the fanclub, you have the chance to "apply" for a ticket online.
I did this yesterday, I will get an SMS on 13th, telling me if I won a ticket or not.
If there are still tickets availbale, everybody can try to buy them on march 15th.

But Miliyah's tickets are usually sold-out within 5 minutes..I'm trying everything but I don't have that much hope to get a ticket..(T_T)

 A few weeks ago I got the new CanCam-magazine^^
The present was a great tote-bag by Mecuryduo^^

It's still cold here in Nagoya, today it was even snowing!

But everybody wishes for spring so I bought some spring clothes.. I could this at PASSÉ (Nagoya's 109 XD). The bag was a present^^ 
 I can not wait to wear this outfit though I'm not sure if it fits to my body.. (._.) We will see if it will look good..

Now I have to learn, tomorrow's a test again..
But the good thing, from friday on, we have short spring vacations!!


  1. Wow, it looks like you've been really busy! It's fun seeing your daily life. ^_^ I wish we had a lot of short vacations at my school... I really need it now... T_T

  2. What a cute ensemble! Love that blue skirt. :D

  3. Hach das leckere Essen mal wieder! *-* Die kleinen Pralinen sehen echt voll süß aus! ^.^
    Ich bin gespannt wie dir das Outfit steht :)
    Liebe Grüße ♥

  4. So sweet and the outfit looks very cute ^^

    恵美より ♥

  5. all the foood *_* and the clothes look great!