Japanese cookbook: syunkon カフェごはん

Recently I bought a new cookbook, "syunkon: Café food"!

It's made a by a famous japanese blogger who cooks food that looks like those in chic nice japanese cafés. Here is her blog^^

The book is really nice and allthe foos looks so delicious! So here are some photos :3

Doesn't all the food looks amazing?! Actually she has published three books until now^^

I want to cook all the food but the only problem is: Too make it look so great you also need all the plates and bowls and equipment and stuff (ToT)

I'm leabing for Tokyo now~
Have to try to not buy too much (-.-;)
Leaving for Tokyo-outfit~
Heaband: Lattice
Knit: Lowrys farm
Jeans: GU
Loafers: H&M

I'm kinda insecure about the jeans..bought them yesterday. I fell kinda fat in those >0<.
Do they suit me?

See you!


  1. Sieht toll aus! sowohl das Essen als auch die Hose! :) hoffentlich schreibst du schnell von Tokyo :)

  2. That cookbook looks so cool! If only my Japanese was better I would really like to buy it as well :O:)
    I think that the jeans look good on you ^^