I got a ticket for Miliyah!!/random stuff

I'm so happy - today I won a ticket for the Kato Miliyah-concert in april!!(*0*)

It is really difficult to get a Miliyah-ticket because she is so unbelievable famous at the moment! (o.o)
First, only the fanclub was allowed to buy tickets. 
But then a week ago, you got apply online for a ticket before the actual pre-sale.
I applied for a ticket and today I got a mail that I won a ticket!!(*_*)
I'm so happy^^ Her tickets are usually sold out within 5 minutes (!!) 
I'm looking so forward, I really adore Miliyah, she is awesome and a J-star I wanted to see live so much! 

Lately I needed a new powder and tried the Mineral face powder by KATE <3

I like it, my skin is not so nice but it covers well~

I try to read some pages of Murakami's short stories as often as I find time.

Learning Japanese is still very difficult, I don't want to act as if it was oh-so-simple. It's hard work to learn.
The texts I read usually look like this: 
 The kanji are so difficult, and it's so difficult for me to remember them..but well I keep giving my best.

 On tuesday Shiho and me cooked dinner together^^

It was pork-teriyaki-Donburi (Tebudon :D)

It was so easy but so good (;//;) I will miss the thin sliced meat in Japan..you can buy thinly sliced meat, which tastes so good..:/ I wish I could buy this in Germany..

Only tomorrow and then one week holiday!^^

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  1. wow your dinner looks so pro omg!! and im so jelly you're going to miliyah's concert!!!! ;w;