Tea cerenomy classes!

Finally blogger has a good day and allows me to upload some photos : D

So today I want to write about my Sadou classes here in Japan!

As you might know, Sadou means Tea cerenomy and this semester I have the great chance to learn, not only to attend a Tea cerenomy as a guest, but also to prepare tea as the host.

There is a traditional japanese tea room in my university, it's so amazing to learn Tea cerenomy in such a nice environment!

The room

The room includes sliding doors, so that we can practice the correct way of entering a tea room and the tea equipment.

The equipment

The tana, a shelf on which the utensils for tea cerenomy are put and the kama, pot with hot water, in the ground of the tea room.

Every week a new kakejiku (calligraphy) hangs int the room. 
And infront of it is always ikebana, matching to the season or day.


So, I can not explain every single step how to attend a tea ceremony and I think most of my readers don't feel like reading a lot^^; 

But tea cerenomy is really something that is neccessary to be learned and practiced. 

First you enter the room. Of course you have to do certain hand- and bodymoves, bows and so on.
Then you first go to the calligraphy, knee down and bow.
You also have to look at the flowers, everytime you move or knee, you have to place your fan in certain ways infront of you.
Afterwards you go to the equipment of the host and bow infront of the hot pot and the shelf.
After that you go to your place and sit down, place the fan behind you.
Here is a video that shows everything!

The guest's material
I bought my materials in Kyoto. We can borrow them for the class from our teacher but I wanted to have my own things to take them home.

First you need a fan for tea cerenomy. Those are smaller than regular fans we know and you need them to carry them in the obi and put them infront you on the floor when you enter the room and knee infront of the calligraphy and flower and behind you when you sit.

Those beautiful papers are put int the kimono and when you eat sweets, you place them on the paper like on a plate.

You can either eat the wagashi  (japanese sweets) with the wooden sticks on the right or with a knife which is made for eating sweets during tea cerenomy. I found this in Kyoto and because it wasn't expensive, I bought it.

 The sweets
Every week we get japanese sweets, which are soooo delicious and beautiful everytime^^

Of course there are also rules on how to eat the sweets^^

You first tell the person next to you who didn't eat until now, that you're going first (お先に頂戴いたします) and then you tell the host that you're gonna eat. (お菓子頂戴いたします), then you take them with the chopsticks, place them on your paper, clean the chopsticks by wipe them with one end of the paper. Then you take the sweet up, cut it with your knife and eat in within three to four steps. 
Here is a video that shows how to take and eat sweets correctly!

After the sweets comes the Matcha!
The procedure of how to hold the bowl, greet your neighbours, honor the tea and the host and drinking is to compliacated to explain it now. 
To those who are interested, I recommend this video!

Since two weeks we learn how to prepare Matcha and it's even more difficult than drinking it XD
But we can wear kimono and I take this chance as often as I can, I love kimono! (*O*) 

Me preparing tea (-.-;;) I do my best but it is still difficult to remember the right movements and the order of everything. However, at least I can whisk the matcha in a way that foam appears and that's good, according to our teacher.

We have two teachers, they are so nice and cute(*-*) They show us everything and are also funny sometimes^^ I like them so much, it is so interesting (^^)

Here is a video on how to prepare Matcha! 

So that was everything about my tea cerenomy classes at Nanzan University!

Finally spring has come, it's finally warm since a few days and since yesterday the sakura have started blooming!! (*0*)


Tokyo 4, 5: Ghibli-museum // Curry & Karaoke in Shibuya

On thursday I went to the Ghibli-museum in Mikata (*_*).
I looke so forward to go there and finally made it (*//*)

Unfortunately only on thursday it rained a loooot and because of that it was a bit sad..
I also didn't go to the café, because it was so crowded and too cold to wait.. :(

Of course you are not allowed to take photos inside of the museum so I just two photos of the roof area with the beautiful sculptures of "Laputa".

So beautiful~

The Ghibli-museum was the most beautiful thing I ever saw, after Kyoto. It was..indrescibable beautiful, detailed and cute and charming!! (*///*) I want to go there again!!

Here is what I bought!


I actually only bought the cookies because of the nice metal box (*-*)
 But when I opened it, the cookies looked soooo great!



Even the cookies are beautiful and tasted delicious(^^)

In the evening I met Evelyn in Shibuya and we went to Coco Curry! It was the first time for me and it was amazing!!! (^^)
 Evelyn's chicken Curry with egg and my vegetable Curry with chicken katsu (*-*) It was soo good!!

Afterwards we went to a café have some dessert (*O*)

Some night pics of Shibuya! :D


The next day
Caro and me first went to Harajuku, afterwards we went to Shibuya to make photos with Hachiko <3  

Afterwards we went to the Starbucks near Shibuya crossing just to see if we could get seats on the window..and we even got two!(*0*)

 Shibuya-crossing and sooo many people!!^^

Afterwards I met my dear friend Katrin and we spent some time doing Karaoke <3

 On saturday 
I met Katrin again and we strolled through Shibuya^^

Hachiko wore a cute dress on that day.   

While strolling through Shibuya we saw this great installation infront of PARCO!

Amazing isn't it?! :D

My outfit of that day~
Trenchcoat: Here's
Shirt: Ensexcite
Jeans: GU

That was the last post about Tokyo.

Caro and I spent the last hours in Karaoke and at 12:30 we drove home to Nagoya by night bus :3

I learned to like Tokyo more.
The last time, it was raining all the time, but this time the weather was better.
Furthermore thanks to Arai-kun I saw a lot of interesting, not so crowded parts, mostly around Harajuku.
Last but not least, this time I wasn't alone so it was funnier.
Still, Tokyo is not my favourite city but I found some nice things  which make it worth vititing^^


Tokyo 3: Meeting Evelyn // First Sakura in Ueno park // Skytree // Harajuku

On wednesday Caro and I met our dear friend Evelyn who lives and studies in Tokyo^^
It was so nice to meet her again, though I've met her last time in December, I was happy to have some good time again.

We met at Ueno station. Evelyn gave us a cute panda-cookie as a present.(*0*)
Pandas are something like a mascot of Ueno because in Ueno is a zoo with panda.

It's so cute and tasted delicious (^////^)

Beautiful decoration of Ueno station:

Then we went to Ueno kouen and actually didn't expect to see any sakura but there were a few trees that were already in bloom!(*0*)

The three of us^^

After strolling through the park, we went to a nearby shrine/temple XDD.

After Ueno we went to Asakusa^^ The 2nd time for me but I like it a lot and enjoying being there again : 3

 We had a delicious taiyaki as snack and afterwards.. went to Skytree!

Cat and unko-thing XDD 

Skytree. 600m high. We decided not to go to the top, as it was very rainy and cloudy that day and we wouln't not have been able to see a lot.

So we just went to the shopping-mall next to Skytree and had some Matcha Latte at Nana's Green tea.

 We talked a lot, it was so funny. In the evening we said good-bye and Caro and I went to Harajuku to have a look into the shops.
I had been in Harajuku 3 times already but never really went to the shops (._.)
The famous crepes shop!

Caro got one crepes. I think everybody who comes to Harajuku has to eat one of those famous crepes at least once.

Here's what I bought on that day.
I found a fluffy and cute little Rilakkuma-plush in the Skytree-shop! It's so fluffy! (*0*) 
And a phone-strap pf Sumikkogurashi (;//;)

That was it about wednesday. 
Tomorrow we will go home (Nagoya) again. I will continue posting about the days until saturday (tomorrow). 

See you!!