Setsubun - Throwing beans to get lucky

Today I went to Setsubun with some people from the dorms. Taiga invited us to go there because his grandmother also was there to throw beans and sweets.

But first, something about Setsubun-festival.

Setsubun is a festival before the beginning of spring. 
To make it short, the custom is to throw dried soybeans out of your house, into bad luck-cardinal directions and into good luck-cardinal directions. While doing this you say "鬼は外! 福は内!" which means "Demons out! Luck in!" It's a ritual to clean the house and welcome spring. 
Despite doing it at home you can also go to Shinto shrines or Buddhist temples where the custom rather has a touch of European carnival. Monks pray, then throw beans and sweets to the people. There are also many food boothes and other stuff. 
This is how I usually start my day: Coffee, oats and Japan Times.

It was too early (@o@)

 The area around the temple

Actually I cannot properly say if it was a Buddhist temple or a Shinto shrine. It looked like a temple but there were also Shinto symbols..so I'm not sure. However, I think it was a temple so I will call it so.

We went inside. Firsr the monks were praying and blessed the people.


 Afterwards they went on those kind of bases into the crowd and threw beans and sweets.

After we catched a lot of sweets:

We went outside with the others to have some food.


Taiga, me, Caro~

After Setsubun we went to "Saru Café"

Caro had some chocolate drink which looked amazing. I had ordered Matcha Latte. What I got was coffee, with a green siryp that tasted nothing like Matcha but rather like hazelnut (o.O;) wtf..and I had to pay 550Yen for this too-sweet stuff (-.-;)

But well, the café was nice!

And we also ate Taiyaki again.

Matcha filling~ :/

Have to learn now. 


  1. I think you're right; It's a Buddhist Temple. Usually they have all the gold decorations and the altars that look like that. A lot of times Buddhist and Shinto symbols are mixed together in Japan.

  2. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing! that cafe is very cute!

  3. Wow! I like it <3