Kyoto: Fushimi Inari

Wow, my internet connection seems to be in a good mood and let me upload some pics within the last two hours XD

So here is the post about our trip to Fushimi Inari!

I wanted to go there for so long and finally got the chance. It was a bit complicated as we first took the train into the wrong direction..so we had to go back but it wasn't that bad.

We started the day with Morning Service in a café near the Kyoto station.

Do you know "Morning Service"?
Actually, "Morning Service" was invented in Nagoya, did you know? :D And from Nagoya it spread all over Japan.

It means simply that until around 11h, if you buy a coffee or another determined drink, you get toast, egg and (depending on the café salad and jam or something) for free! So you only pay the coffee. I love morning service^^

So afterwards we were ready to go to Fushimi Inari!

Fushimi Inari is a Shinto-shrine in Kyoto and devoted to Kami Inari, which is the god/goddess (it's shown both, as man and woman) of fertility, rice and foxes. 
It's the main shrine of most Shinto-shrines in Japan and therefore one of the most important Shinto-shrines in the country.

The most famous part of the shrine must be the long allies of red Torii which lead you all over the mountain. 
The entrance gate to the shrine area.

One of the foxes that are everywhere.

The shrine area. 
Some cultural stuff: Never walk straight in the middle of the torii. Because in the middle only the gods are walking. 

But well today most Japanese either don't know this 'rule' or don't care about it, as most people just walk through^^ In the end it's just a wooden gate, isn't it~

Again one impressive fox-statue.

The way to the torii-ally.

And then we got to the 'start point'. This 'tunnel' of Shinto gates leads you all over the mountain. It took us more than one hour to walk all the way.

One legend of Fushimi Inari says, that the hills on which the shrine is located, belonged to a man named Kadata-ryutoda. After his dead he went to heaven by ascencion. The way he went to heaven was guarded by the torii.

Isn't it great?

Although practically the whole mountain and the whole area is a huge shrine, there were numourous little shrines all along the way. 

The photos can not really show how impressive it was.

A fox again. 
The foxes of Fushimi Inari are described as snow white. Although they look a little bit unfriendly, they are said to be good characters.  

After some time we arrived at the first rest area. It started snowing a bit and we had a wonderful view over Kyoto. 

Actually I'm neither a much religious nor a spiritual person (though I don't refuse those) but it was just not possible to not admit the strong impression of this place.

Oracle on paper knotted near a shrine.

And a little snow man! :D

Every single Torii is a present of a family, private person or company.  So if you are very rich, you can build such a torii on the shrine's place.

After more than an hour (almost two?) we came back to the shrine area and bought some Omiyage and stuff. Of course I had to eat an Inarizushi!!^^

It's said that Aburaage (fried Tofu) is the favourite food of foxes and it also reminds of fox, doesn't it.

Well that was Fushimi Inari.

We went back to Kyoto station and to Gion, had a brief stop at Starbucks. I really have to say, the Matcha Latte here in Japan tastes so much different than it does in Germany. I think in japanese Starbucks they just have to use good matcha becuase otherwise Japanese wouldn't buy it, as they live in the country excellent of matcha XDD
Kyoto was so cold (-.-;)

some modern art lol

Kyoto <3

We completed the day with a great dinner in a mall near Kyoto station.

It was a restaurant which offered great Kyoto specialities and an amazing view outside.

We got Sake for free. 

That was my dish: Soba (bottom right), Sushi (bottom left), pickles (top left) and more things. The main ingredient was some kind of "Tofu skin" (center) which you had to eat with sauce. I never ate it before but it was very good^^

Caro's dish. Soba, rice with veggies and the rest was nearly the same as my food.

The glass was mirroring so much but we had that great view on Kyoto station.

We went back to our Ryokan.

Here is a pic of our both's food and omiyage which we bought during the days^^

Mostly our beloved Yatsuhashi(^^)

Huge fox-crackers from Fushimi Inari.

"Hello"~ lol

That was it~ 
Have a nice day!
Ps: Comments are encouraging and therefore welcome^^


  1. Wow, so viele tolle Bilder. Da hat deine Internetverbindun ja endlich mal ganze Arbeit geleistet. XD

  2. Ich hätte Yatsuhashi essen sollen, als ich in Kyoto war.. Wenn ich immer Bilder von Yatsuhashi sehe, dann wünschte ich, ich wäre dort, um welche zu kaufen und zu probieren. Du nimmst nicht zufällig Bestellungen entgegen, ne? xp

    Der Shinto-Schrein sieht schön aus. Etwas düster (ich finde eine Anhäufung von Steinfiguren dicht aneinander immer düster, weiß um den Grund allerdings nicht). Was ich allerdings an den meisten Shinto-Schreinen zu bemängeln habe, ist, dass sie alle so plastisch aussehen - was ja nicht verwunderlich ist, aber das nimmt ihnen irgendwie ein Stück Seele. Ich war einmal in Nagano in einem Shinto-Schrein, der am Anfang eines Waldes lag und der richtig alt war. Das torii sah ganz anders aus und hatte irgendwie eine ganz eigene Ausstrahlung, die ich so nirgendwo mehr gefunden habe, aber ich war froh, einen Schrein zu sehen, der ein wenig "unberührter" war.

    Die Morning Service Initiative (wird das dann auch mit dem englischen Ausdruck モーニングサービス bezeichnet?) finde ich eine tolle Idee.

    Tolle Bilder! :3

  3. the aburaage.... O_O is it crunchy!? can't imagine what it's like!

  4. Ich liebeliebeliebe Füchse! Wunderschöne Bilder und danke für den tollen Eintrag!