Japan and Internet! (>o<)

Actually I wanted to make so many posts about my trips to Kyoto and Osaka but my internet connection here is driving me crazy!

It's pretty normal that internet connections in Japan are bad as hell!
There are still many households all over the country who have no internet at all.
There are almost no public wi-fi-spots. Not in coffee shops (well at least in starbucks they have wifi I think), not in stations, not in whatever. 

Well, I'm sure many of you already know that, but I didn't when I came here.
At least we have wifi here in our dormitory but it is SO BAD!

Blogger is not able to upload any pictures, everytime I upload a picture, it gets loaded until half or something and then the file breaks or whatever. Often I cannot even open blogger or youtube or some other web pages.

The internet connection in my hotel in Kyoto was quite good so I was able to make two posts but my hotel in Osaka (by the way the scariest and baddest hotel I've ever stayed in) had no internet at all and now I'm back in Nagoya and the internet here in my dorm is just even badder then ever.

I cannot use skype properly to speak with my boyfriend(!! T________T), I cannot watch many videos (unless I put them down to the lowest quality), I cannot use blogger, cannot communicate properly with my german university which is very important!

Aaaah.. I want to write posts so badly..I don't know what to do (T__T)


  1. Oh je, das klingt ja echt heftig. Ich wusste das bisher auch gar nicht, ich dachte gerade in japan wäre das sehr verbreitet, wo die doch überall so auf dem technischen Vormarsch sind.

  2. ich hatte bisher keine Probleme damit. Selbst hier in Hiroshima kann ich problemlos skypen, bloggen und sonstige Dinge im Internet treiben. In tokyo selbst ist alles wie zuahuse...wenn auch vllt nicht immer so schnell wie zuhause :)

    vllt hast du da grad immer die schlechten Netze erwischt >.<

  3. めっちゃいらいらしてるの伝わってくる。笑 Maybe you can buy your own wifi-router... or make a paid-wifi contract with softbank. I remember Canada and Holland's good wifi experience very often in Japan. I hope the internet circumstances will be improved for the Olympics. :)

  4. I think most people in Japan buy their own portable internet? I think it is supposed to be faster and that way you can use it anywhere. I am not sure what it is called, sorry. :(

  5. Thank you guys for the tipps.. portable internet may be faster but it's very expensive and I don't think I want to buy that/make a contract for the leaving months.. at least I have internet, that's better than nothing^^

  6. That's something that surprises me about Japan too.. XD Haha, Skyping was a pain and I ended up using the hotel phone to call home-- it was in Osaka (so expensive!).. In cafes and fast food places (mos burger:P) there is internet though!:P