Osaka: Meeting Jacki and Lu // Okonomiyaki // Shinkansen

Today I want to write about our last days in Osaka and our return. 

On thursday we went to "Genmai Café" which we had found some days ago in Shinsaibashi. It's an organic and vegetarian/vegan café. 
Genmai means whole-wheat rice. I love it, I only eat whole-wheat rice here.
It's so much healthier, contains lots of vitamins etc. 
I often eat rice so I started eating whole-wheat rice to keep it healthy^^

My food was a vegetarian curry with salad and coffee. It was very good(*0*)

Osaka's downton <3

In the evening we met our deat Senpai Jacki and Lu from our university (^^)
Jacki is studying in Osaka at the moment and Lu came over for holidays^^ 

We met in Umeda and went to an Okonomiyaki-restaurant!

They were so good, we had mochi/spinach-okonomiyaki, standard-style, Hiroshima-style (with Yakisoba) and some with avocado (*0*) So great!

Afterwards we went to a game center, took purikura and lost some money in the UFO catcher machines XD

I got those from the UFO-catchers!! I got the 4 sheep at once :D For the Rilakkuma I asked a stuff to help me catching it, after I tried it too often XD

It was such a nice evening.. on the next day, we wanted to go home.

When we woke up, it was snowing in Osaka! (-.-;) I hate snwo when I'm on a journey or somwhere because public transport never works when it snows (T_T)

I wore my new hat^^

We had to check out early so we put our luggage into coin lockers in the station and went to Free time-Karaoke!! :DD 

Miliyah-commercial *-*

The plan was to take the bus at 19:20 and return to Nagoya.
Well, the station staff told us, that our bus was still some hours away and that they had no idea when it would arrive. So he said, it would be better to cancel the tickets and drive home by shinkansen or train.

Well we were a bit worried but it was so easy, the bus staff gave us the money back without even looking angered (o.O;) I was a bit astonished because in Germany it's always a big problem to return or cancel tickets, most often staff people are angry or you don't even get the money back without a strong reason (-.-)

However, we got our money and then we didn't really know what to do XD So we went to the shinkansen staff to ask how much a ticket would be. Surprisingly it cost only 5000Yen, which is still ok for Shinkansen, compared with german ICE which is so much more expensive..

So in the end it was a good decision. We could even sit in the Shinkansen^^

Although it was the second time for me going by Shinkansen, it was the first time I could enjoy it. 
When I went to Kyoto the last time, I had to stand in a crowded corridor and on the return I also had to stand.

So this time was really comfortable and nice^^

We ate Yatsuhashi^^ 

Kobe Kitkat that I bought in Osaka^^ My goal is to eat every Kitkat of Japan!
It tastes a bit like coffee, I really like it! 

Bye Bye Osaka!

We returned around 21:30 and went home, tired and ready for university (-.-)

Have a nice day~


Osaka: Our scary hotel// Dotonbori// Great food

On february 11th we went to from Kyoto to Osaka.
We didn't want to leave our nicee hotel and the beautiful city but we also looked forward to Osaka.

We started the day with a breakfast in Kyoto station, in Mozart Café.

My morning service-set.

The coffee was great. I only drank great coffee in Kyoto^^ Kyoto has amazing cafés^^

Then we went to Osaka. We stayed in a hotel in Uehonmatchi. 

This hotel was the baddest one we've ever stayed in. The staff were strange and not very friendly, it smelled like smoke, there was no internet and the room was so dirty! We were really shocked and didn't really feel good there in the first evening. It was also very cold and there was only one strange weak little heater. (-.-;)

However, here are some pics..

But those were only some of those pics.. I just don't want to think about that place anylonger (-.-;) At least we had a little TV and it was cheap..

However, we spend most of our time outside and had great food :D

My best food in Osaka was probably my Kansai style Sukiyaki-Udon!!

The food was soooo good.. you eat Sukiyaki by dipping the ingredients into the raw beaten egg ^^ It's so good!

Caro had some great looking Kitsune Udon.

Afterwards we had dessert at Baskin' Robbins!
Amaretto Choco spring version^^

And we made Puri~

The next day   we went to Nanba, which was only 2 stations away from where we stayed. 

We went to the famous Dotonbori bridge.

I felt so good, being in this place again. I love Osaka so much! It was a coming-home-feeling.^^

Back in Osaka!! <3

As a snack we went to a Frozen Yoghurt coffee. They had amazing stuff!

In Germany there is only have plain yoghurt or maybe one flavoured type.

But in this shop you could chose everything on your own. They had various yoghurt types. I chose Matcha, Mont Blanc and plain.
As toppings I chose Anko, Mochi, Cookie, Cookie roll, Strawberries and celeries. 

Caro's yoghurt looked so great *_* So delicious^^

At least we had a water boiler in our hotel room so we were able to have hot breakfast(-.-)
That was my standard breakfast, how I like it ^^ But I don't like that all the yoghurt is sweetend here (><)

That was it for Osaka. 

I will make one more post about Osaka but we didn't do that much there except shopping. :D


Kyoto: Wearing Kimono!

On our second day in Kyoto, Caro and I took the chance to wear a Kimono and make some photos.

Our Ryokan offered a kimono wearing and time to take some photos with it^^

This was the collection of alle the nice Kimono of our hotel^^

Here are some pics.

Actually I wanted to make a lot of pics outside but it was raining so it wasn't rally funny to take pics outside. So we took some inside the ryokan.

Caro looked so cute too^^ I did her hair. It wasn't perfect but I'm glad she liked it : 3

"O-mo-te-na-shi" :DDD

It was the first time for me to wear a kimono.
I own two Yukata and am a huge Yukata-fan but I never wore a Kimono^^
It was really comfortable^^