Yakiniku // Valentine's Day Shopping // Food

So the new semester at my university officially began today.

A week ago new students came to our dorm to live here for the next 4 months with us.

So yesterday we went to eat Yakiniku with everybody. It was the first time Yakiniku for me and I think..it's too hot and too much fire XDD But it was good and funny with everybody^^

The yakiniku-restaurant was very traditional, which I love^^

Kazu, Ichi, me, Momu, Ken :D

The hot pots :D

A great salad with Nori, lettuce and pine nuts :D

Burn, burn, burn...

Ken and Kazu, preparing the meat :D

Me and my lil sis Momu <3

Yesterday was "Seijin no hi", as you might know. On this day, everyone who gets 20 this year, dresses in beautiful kimono (or suit), have some party and meet up with their friends from elementary school or middle school.

I wanted to see the beautiful kimono so I went to the city. Unfortunately I didn't see any single girl in a kimono because I seemed to be too late, they all seemed to having party or something~

But I saw another ineteresting thing: On the street a group of young men demonstrated against Japan's too high education costs with slogans like "Not everybody can study because we have no money!"
It was the first time for me to see really young Japanese protesting on the street. You see protestors often, but often they're older people and the topics are often some things about religion or politics. But seeing young people speaking on the street about too high tuition fees was new to me. 

So I went to Loft to do some Valentine's Day shopping.

Valentine's Day is near and everywhere you can buy cute and beautiful accessoiries and stuff to make chocolates^^ 

Formerly Valentine's Day in Japan meant, that women gave chocolates to their partner, their male friends, their colleagues at work. One month ater, on 'White Day' (march 14th), the men give white chocolate back to the women. 

That was back then. Today you can give chocolates to your friends, to your parents, yourself or whatever XD 

In Germany there are not such cute wrappings or accessoiries and here they are so cheap s I bought a lot to take them back to Germany with me^^
So here is what I bought  
Heart-praline-molds, cookie-patterns, cookie-stamps and boxes :3

I like those boxes so much*_*

A lot of beautiful bags and wrapping tools(*_*)

Mini cake pans(*-*)

A super useful kitchen-tool! :D

A few days ago I finally bought the bento-box I wanted to have for so long (;//;) It's so beautiful <3

And some new lashes~

Some days ago I went to the cinema to finally watch 'Hunger Games 2' (in English)
The film is great and I'm looking so forward to finally read the books when I'm back in Germany :3
Coke zero and the ticket :D


 Now some random food pics of the last days~

Had another Taiyaki. This time it was "Murasaki-Imo-An" (Sweet potato with violet pulp and Anko)

My standard-lunch-style: Pumpkin, Miso soup and some salad~

Finally I can eat oats for breakfast again! :D I found affordable oats in our local supermarket :D Until now I only saw oats in import shops and they were super expensive (like 600-1000yen for a small package) but those were only 300Yen! :D

So the new semester has started and the new language course is really difficult. Tomorrow is the first vocabulary test and I have to learn now (-.-;) 58 words! -.-;; じゃ、頑張ります!


  1. viel Glück für dein Test!!
    yakiniku ist bestimmt toll mit Freunden/Kollegen !;) ich finds gut, dass du viel mit den Leuten von der Uni unternimmst!
    ich liebe hunger games ;^; ich liebe die Bücher ! Die Geschichte ist allerdings sehr tragisch/krass teilweise :(
    aw du kaufst immer so niedliche Sachen!! bin gespannt was du zum.v-day zauberst!

  2. Very sweet ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. so tolle Sachen!!! Die Sachen für die Pralinen sind wunderschön ;____; generell tolle Bilder mal wieder

  4. Ach was für süße Sachen!!! Ich finds so schade, dass es in Deutschland nicht so tolle Sahen so günstig gibt!!!
    Tolle Fotos :)
    Viel Erfolg beim Test!!

    Liebe Grüße :)

  5. What classes are you taking this semester? Do you like them so far? By the way, would you recommend the Ikebana class you took last semester? It looked interesting. ^^

    The Valentines stuff is so cute! I don't think we have anything like it here. I guess most people just buy chocolates rather than make them.

    I saw the Hunger Games, too. To be honest, I think the story is interesting, but I don't really like Katniss... I read the first book and liked it, but my friends said the 3rd book was horrible because Katniss complained a lot throughout the book... However, I think the movies make more sense if you read the book first...

  6. Hallo :)

    Wo hast du denn die (Silikon?-)Herzförmchen gekauft?
    Bin heute durch verschiedene Läden geschwirrt, aber habe solche Förmchen nicht gefunden ._.


    1. Hallo :)
      Die Form mit den Herzen habe ich bei LOFT gekauft und die Form mit den herzen und sternchen und so bei DAISO (100Yen Shop)^^

  7. danke!! :)

    Dann muss ich wohl am Montag nach der Uni zu loft xD
    (ade~ du liebes Geld)