TOKYO: Christmas//Akihabara//Odaiba

Christmas was very not-christmas-like. It was warm in Tokyo and the only christmassy thing where the shop's decorations~

My christmas-breakfast at Excelsior Coffee~

Latte Art 

View from my hotel in the morning~

My make-up and hair for christmas~

Later I met up with Katrin in Shibuya, we wanted to go to Karaoke and afterwards have dinner with a friend of Katrin.


We made Puri^^

Tokyo Disney-store^^ After searching for a Christmas present we searched a karaoke bar and did some karaoke.

Afterwards we met Vici, Katrin's friend at Saizeriya and had a little Christmas dinner

It was so funny, the Saizeriya was nearly empty, the only guests were same-sex groups of friends XDD So it was so obvious that those were the people who had no date on Christmas (-.-;) XDD

I always wanted to eat a japanese Christmas cake so I bought one. It was only a Conbini-cake but still it was delicious, but also very lonely (.__.)

On the next day I went to Akihabara, the famous Manga and Anime-district of Tokyo. It was not as interesting as I thought and it was smaller as I thought. It looks bigger in TV or dramas XD
 I searched for Digimon-goods but although the shops were crowded with old and new Manga, Anime and Games stuff, there was no single shop who sold Digimon-goods (T_T)


My last day in Tokyo was quite funny. 

When I checked out, the hotel staff came over to me asking if I had some time now. I said I wanted to meet friends in Odaiba later but I had time. 
NHK was in Ikebukuro that day and they searched for a foreigner to shoot a short interview with a famous japanese TV-host (forgot the name-.-;) in SEIBU, a big department store about japanese food.
So they asked me if I wanted to do that and so I went to SEIBU Ikebukuro spontaneously, where the TV-crew was already waiting and was interviewed about japanese food and stuff. XD It was funny though I think I looked and said embarassing things again XD

If you want to see it, january 11th, 9pm (Japan time) at NHK Special!

However, afterwards I went to Odaiba to meet my friends from Nanzan university there: Mina, Hao,his girlfriend and Akira^^

The drive to Odaiba~

We went to a One Piece-restaurant! :D I'm not a One Piece-fan but the restaurant wa so cute and great decorated^^

The inside of the restaurant~

The menu

I had this whale-mousse au chocolat XD It was very delicious^^

The rest of Odaiba was not so interesting. The weather was bad, we went to a shopping mall but did not much shoppping and the other things (like a huge gam center) were a bit expensive and we didn't have enough time to go there.

Afterwards I picked up my luggage from my hotel and went to Shinjuku. 
My bus would depart from Shinjuku at 00:30 at night and I searched for a coin locker to store my luggage until night.
After I found one I met up with Hao again in Shibuya and we met some friends of him in a  very cool bar in Shibuya.

I still had so much time until my bus would depart and at 11pm I strolled through Shinjuku with my luggage and and all the shops and cafés were closed so I went to a Manga café for the first time.

It was like I had expected it to be, dingy, comfy, everything I needed: a comfy chair and a pc to kill time until 00:30. 
The only thing that was disturbing was the smell of foot-sweat that was everywhere. Of course because most people who go to a Manga-café sleep there so they pull off their shoes but the smell (@__@) 

However it was warm, cheap, a PC and a TV in the little room, they have shower, free drinks and even cup noodles.

So after I had killed my time there I went to the bus meeting point and drove home to Nagoya by night bus.

By the way, night busses in Japan are awesome! They are cheap (I payed something about 6000 Yen for driving to Shinjuku and back), your luggage is stored so you can chill, the seats are pulled back so you can sleep and very comfortable, you get a blanket, you have a lot of space for your legs ('cause you put it under the seat of the person infront of you) and the best: Once the light is off, everybody is quiet and sleeps! I highly recommend Japanese night busses!^^


  1. クリスマスケーキはおいしいですか? (^_^)

  2. schöne bilder! ich hoffe du hattest ein schönes weihnachten^^
    ich komme im april für 2wochen rüber :)
    liebe grüße

  3. The puris are so cute! I also didn't really like Akihabara that much... That's disappointing that you couldn't find the Digimon goods you wanted... Did you get a chance to look around the manga/anime stores in Ikebukuro?

    That's so strange about the Manga cafe. Most places you have to take off your shoes but I never noticed a smell before!

    The buses sound like a great way to travel! Cheap and comfy. ^^

    I hope you're enjoying the rest of your break! Happy New Year!

  4. Die Fahrt nach Odaiba ist toll. Ich finde die Aussicht von dort auf Tokyo einfach klasse. Letztes Jahr haben wirs nur leider nicht hingeschafft. Aber das Jahr davor war schön :)
    Tolle Fotos, dein neuer Haarschnitt steht dir echt super!!!
    Liebe Grüße und ein gesundes neues Jahr!!!