Shopping // Illumination // Outfits

Caro and me went to Sakae (Nagoya's downton) to sell clothes at Book off Super Bazaar and do some shopping and stroll a bit through the shops.

First we went to Nagoya Station and had lunch at Saizeriya.
Caro had Pizza

I had shrimp tomato Risotto :D

Afterwards we went to Sakae to sell clothes at Book-off.
In Book-off Super Bazaar you can buy and sell used clothes. You just bring old clothes there and Book Off buys them from you and then sells them afterwards. Well, it was a shock somehow XD I brought 5 pieces there. Ok, they were not up-to-date but they were nice,  not broken, not too old. a skirt, some shirts whatever. But what I got in the end was...390yen. (-.-;;) I mean, 390Yen for 5 pieces of clothes, I was like "what?" (oO;)

However I handled the shock by buying two DVDs XD
Dir en grey "Final 5 Ugly Kingdom" and "Miliyah Eternal Heaven" - both for an amazing price^^ Oh I love Book-off<3

Afterwards we went to Shimamura because they had Sale. I really like Shimamura, they have cut clothes.
I bought two sweaters and one skirt/shorts~


Afterwards we went to Oasis 21, another amusement and shopping arcade right underneath Nagoya Tower.
The park there was illuminated^^ It looked so nice^^

Nagoya TV Tower




We went to Starbucks and had Matcha Latte

And I bought some stuff at the Ghibli-shop(*0*) I love those shops, luckily we have 3 ones in Nagoya (which I know^^)

Two towels and stamps! (*0*) I plan to make a Totoro-bathroom when I come back home, with only Totoro-goods and stuff^^


We strolled around and then drove back to our home district 'Yagoto' to have dinner^^

 I had my beloved Nagoya-style Misonikomi-Udon

Caro had Zaru Soba(*-*)

Well..eating continued (-.-;)
I went to Baskin Robbins for the first time(-.-;)
Mine was the left: 'NY Cheesecake' and 'French Toast', right one was Caro's: 'Choco-holic' and some cherry-berry-choco-mix^^

It tasted really good, but it was so expensive..2 'small' scones for 440Yen..(@.@) But it's really worth the money, sooo good(^^)

We also made Puri(^^)

Two books I bougt yesterday^^
A Rilakkuma-food book^^

A choco for your friends-book for Valentine's Day ^^

In Japan it's a fashion to give chocolate to everybody XD Before only women gave chocolate to men they knew but nowadays you give choco to your friends, parents, yourself XD Whoever you like :D

Outfits and styles, boring as usual~
Coat: one way
sweater: Lowrys Farm
bottom: Lowrys Farm

My new dress, bought at Suzutan^^

And when I came back to my dormitory, there was a package for me from my boyfriend (T//T) <3 A christmas present..<3
Soooo many sweets again(*0*)
A Hobbit-themed Moleskine and a Stephen King-audio book(*0*)

Thank you, those presents are so great (*///*) I'm so happy right now but I eat too much sweets already (T///T) 

However, it was a nice day, now I have to go to bed, it's too late already (@o@)


  1. 住むには、名古屋っていい環境ですよね

  2. sooo many great stuff *_* love the skirt you've bought and the outfits you're wearing!

  3. I always get hungry when I read your posts haha xD The Valentines chocolate cookbook is so nice ! I wish my Japanese was good enough already to read Japanese recepies. And could you please stop saying that your outfits are boring because they are cute and give me inspiration every time ^^

  4. Haha wie süß von deinem Freund! So viel Süßkrams :)
    Der Rock ist voll hübsch *o* aber für 5 Teile nur so wenig Geld ist echt mies! :(
    Ich liiiiebe Baskin Robbins Eis, es ist soooo lecker *.* aber echt teuer, aber egal xD
    Liebe Grüße

  5. aww das Kleid und deine Haare ... sehen so toll aus !! Du siehst total niedlich aus !!;33;<3<3
    Ich liebe Totoro auch total, deswegen kann ich dich total gut verstehen, dass du dein Bad damit einrichten willst !!hihi <3

  6. Die Totoro Stempel!!! Pure Liebe!
    Und Gott ich bin so neidisch auf Japan, dass die so Läden wie Book-off haben!! ;___;

  7. I have never seen such green coffee anywhere, looks weird, but I'd love to taste it! Thank You for sharing such a nice post!, so many cute pictures! You are very pretty girl!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  8. new dress is beautiful!following you now please follow me back:*)

  9. I love the pictures of you and your friend- you look so cute <3

  10. tolle bilder! und das essen sieht so lecker aus :>

  11. Matcha Latte - I am so happy that it is available in Switzerland ^__^
    You're so cute! Take care, honey :D