Hatsumode! First shrine visit of the year//New Year Sale!

We had Toshi-koshi-Soba in my dormitory on december 31th, we waited for the countdown, watched japanese New Year's TV and then we did the countdown. Afterwards we went to the small Shrine near our dormitory. 

New Year in Japan is quite, religious and reflective. No party, no firework etc.^^

A lot of people went there.


You go to the shrine, throw 5 yen pray and ask for luck and health and stuff.
We got home at 2:30 am and I went to sleep^^


On the next day I met with Caro, Alena, Christin and Yumi and we went to Nagoya's Atsuta shrine to do another Hatsumode.

The shrine was soooo crowded! (O.O)
It's one of the most important shrines in Japan, because the sword, one of the three sacred items of the emperor (sword, diamond and mirror) is stored in this shrine.
On the way to the shrine are a lot of boothes with food and stuff^^

The people are waiting to go to the shrine..

A tree that is a deity. I don't remember how old it is but it must be very very old.

 And more people waiting~

 We made it :D

The shrine. You go to this wide wall, through money and pray. 

 Afterwards we went to the boothes that sold lucky-stuff for new Year. I bought this nice stick to bring luck to my house^^

With Christine^^

 And I bought an Omikuji, a paper on which is written how my year will be.

 Unfortunately it only said I will have bad luck, bad things will happen to me etc..
Well, I know those superstitious things are not logical..but still you wish for some good things. So I got a bit sad that this Omikuji and also other horoscopes I read until now only foretold me bad things :/

So I tied it near the shrine so that it will be turned into good luck.

But well~
Afterwards we went to the near AEON to see if we get some nice things in New Year's Sale!! :DD

And I got :D

A new purse!

From Lowrys Farm I got:

And from INGNI I got
this sweater and I dress which I forgot to take a pic-.-;;
 We also took Puri^^

For dinner I had my Osechi again^^

Well that was it for today.
At the moment I'm translating my big horoscopes of Popteen XD Until now it only says bad things for me (-.-;)
 (well this is actually not my horoscope as I'm taurus^^;)


  1. Huhu!! :) Schuldige, dass ich mich nicht mehr gemeldet habe, manchmal bin ich einfach Internet-faul, besonders über Feiertage! ^^ Ich fand den Nachmittag in Shinjuku auch schön, schade nur dass es so viel geregnet hat…

    Wir waren auch um Mitternacht beim Tempel, aber noch nicht zum Hatsumode! Ich wusste nicht, dass man nur 5¥ reinwerfen soll, so ein Mist, ich hab 66 reingeworfen, war das einzige Kleingeld, was ich hatte! XD Aber mehr Glück hab ich dadurch auch nicht bekommen, als ich mein Omikuji gezogen hab…ich hab dasselbe wie du, also 未吉, noch dazu mit der Losnummer 44, wenn ich das richtig interpretiere, ich kann also gut nachempfinden, wie du dich mit deinem Los gefühlt hast, ich war auch erst mal ein wenig traurig…aber da ich es beim Tempel gezogen hab, was ich gar nicht wollte und das 100¥-Stück auch von Tobias kamen, versuch ich es einfach beim Schreinbesuch noch mal! XD

    Liebe Grüße und ein frohes neues Jahr! :D

  2. Erstmal: Frohes neues Jahr!
    Du sahst ja wieder super hübsch aus!!! *__* Ich liebe deinen Schal und deine Frisur. ^^