Art-School Concert//Pokemon Center//Food

Hey there~

Actually the title of the post seems to promise a lot of this entry but this entry is really poor. Hardly any pics and nothing really special~

I catched a cold some days which really gets on my nerves. I rarely get ill at all. This is my second cold since I'm in Japan and I didn't have anything badder than a cold in the last years. XD Seems as if my body's defences are working pretty well or whatever~

But now I've got a cold and I don't feel well. But still, that's not a reason for me to not go out and explore Japan 'cause my time here is so so limited (;_;)

So on friday I went with Yoshie to a concert of our beloved band ART-SCHOOL!!

Waiting on the street next to Club Unset in Nagoya~

With Yoshie^^

I wanted to make a picture of the club but I was too afraid that it would not be allowed.. there were no sign saying 'no photos' but nobody else made photos so I did not want to do something illegal..

To say it in short: The club was small, stuffed full with people in good mood, the people cheered, jumped, danced, we supporting band 髭 (Hige) was great but ART-SCHOOL of course was better :D They played some new but also a lot of old songs^^ Unfortunately they didn't play my favourite songs, like 'foolish', 'lost in the air', 'Danny boy' or 'kanon' but still it was awesome !!^^

Afterwards we did what's the only thing you can do after  a Rock-concert: Having some fast food :D So we went to Mos Burger! It was the first time for me to go to Mos Burger, I always wanted to try their 'japanese style rice burger with kinpira'^^

That's how it looked^^ It tasted really good but a bit too healthy for fast food XD Yoshie had the classic Mos Burger and this was a real burger :D Next time I need to eat the Mos Burger too^^

Today Caro and me went to Sakae. Actually we wanted to see an exhibition of japanese traditional art but somehow the exhibition wasn't where we thought it would be :(

So we instead went to the Pokemon center in Nagoya.
I'm not a Pokemon-fan but it was interesting to see it. But I have to admit, I expected more. The so-called "Pokemon-Center" turned out to be a shop where you could by various Pokemon-goods. I thought it would be something like a game center or with some funny Pokemon-action-stuff or something.
But well, I didn't really care 'cause I'm not a fan XD

However, here's Pokemon-Valentine's Choco!

Afterwards we went to PARCO to have some lunch. 

Caro had Tororo Udon

I had Curry Udon with Mochi!! It was so good (*_*)

For a long time Mabo Tofu was my favourite food but Udon (mostly Miso Nikomi Udon) have really become my favourite food now^^

The only bad thing about japanese food is, because of all the soy sauce and seasonings, afterwards I always crave for something sweet and after curry I aways want ice cream so bad (T_T)

So we went to Baskin' Robbins~

As I said before, nothing special in this post~

Not many pics of me because I'm ill and look like sh** lol

Off now for homework~ 


  1. I didn't go to the Pokemon center in Tokyo, but apparently it is just as disappointing, ha ha. Everyone said the best part of it was those pokeballs in your picture! The udon looks delicious!

  2. Very lovely ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. Ohjaaa, Udon sind auch echt sehr lecker! :D In Shibuya gibt es auch ein gutes Udon-Restaurant, aber wir waren bisher nur einmal dort, weil ich bei den Auswahlmöglichkeiten nicht ganz durchblicke, man kann so vieles kombinieren, aber irgendwie sehen 90% der Gerichte gleich aus! XD Deswegen landen wir dann doch immer bei Coco Curry, wenn wir in Shibuya sind…wir sollten mal andere Stadtteile erkunden, Shinjuku hat bestimmt auch gute Restaurants, aber die Masse an Restaurants ist immer einfach zu groß, als dass ich mich entscheiden könnte! ^^

    Ja, das Pokemon-Center ist nur wirklich toll, wenn man sich für Pokemon interessiert, ansonsten ist es wirklich relativ unspektakulär, ich war auch ein wenig von der kleinen Geschäftsfläche enttäuscht, ich hatte es mir viel größer vorgestellt, aber ich geh trotzdem ab und zu gern hin, unter dem ganzen Kitsch findet man manchmal auch ganz hübsche Sachen! :D

    Ohhhh…Baskin Robbins…wenn es doch nur nicht so teuer wäre…;____;

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    Beautiful blog!!!
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  5. Thanks for checking out my blog, dear:)
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  6. so much food,wow it all looks delicious :) hope your cold vanishes fast,it's so annoying to be sick :)

  7. I am happy to see a different culture than mine!
    Beautiful blog and pictures