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Art-School Concert//Pokemon Center//Food

Hey there~

Actually the title of the post seems to promise a lot of this entry but this entry is really poor. Hardly any pics and nothing really special~

I catched a cold some days which really gets on my nerves. I rarely get ill at all. This is my second cold since I'm in Japan and I didn't have anything badder than a cold in the last years. XD Seems as if my body's defences are working pretty well or whatever~

But now I've got a cold and I don't feel well. But still, that's not a reason for me to not go out and explore Japan 'cause my time here is so so limited (;_;)

So on friday I went with Yoshie to a concert of our beloved band ART-SCHOOL!!

Waiting on the street next to Club Unset in Nagoya~

With Yoshie^^

I wanted to make a picture of the club but I was too afraid that it would not be allowed.. there were no sign saying 'no photos' but nobody else made photos so I did not want to do something illegal..

To say it in short: The club was small, stuffed full with people in good mood, the people cheered, jumped, danced, we supporting band 髭 (Hige) was great but ART-SCHOOL of course was better :D They played some new but also a lot of old songs^^ Unfortunately they didn't play my favourite songs, like 'foolish', 'lost in the air', 'Danny boy' or 'kanon' but still it was awesome !!^^

Afterwards we did what's the only thing you can do after  a Rock-concert: Having some fast food :D So we went to Mos Burger! It was the first time for me to go to Mos Burger, I always wanted to try their 'japanese style rice burger with kinpira'^^

That's how it looked^^ It tasted really good but a bit too healthy for fast food XD Yoshie had the classic Mos Burger and this was a real burger :D Next time I need to eat the Mos Burger too^^

Today Caro and me went to Sakae. Actually we wanted to see an exhibition of japanese traditional art but somehow the exhibition wasn't where we thought it would be :(

So we instead went to the Pokemon center in Nagoya.
I'm not a Pokemon-fan but it was interesting to see it. But I have to admit, I expected more. The so-called "Pokemon-Center" turned out to be a shop where you could by various Pokemon-goods. I thought it would be something like a game center or with some funny Pokemon-action-stuff or something.
But well, I didn't really care 'cause I'm not a fan XD

However, here's Pokemon-Valentine's Choco!

Afterwards we went to PARCO to have some lunch. 

Caro had Tororo Udon

I had Curry Udon with Mochi!! It was so good (*_*)

For a long time Mabo Tofu was my favourite food but Udon (mostly Miso Nikomi Udon) have really become my favourite food now^^

The only bad thing about japanese food is, because of all the soy sauce and seasonings, afterwards I always crave for something sweet and after curry I aways want ice cream so bad (T_T)

So we went to Baskin' Robbins~

As I said before, nothing special in this post~

Not many pics of me because I'm ill and look like sh** lol

Off now for homework~ 


Indian Curry with Caro and Ayaka

Today Caro and me went to Osu, the cool district of Nagoya where rather grungy, cool and subcultural shops are located :D

We strolled through the shops, bought some stuff at the 100Yen shop and searched for shoes but I didn't find some :(~

Lunch was Taiyaki(*v*)

We had an appointment with Ayaka at the evening for dinner so we had still had much time until 6h. We went to LOFT and afterwards to Starbucks :3
Starbucks Latte for me and Matcha Latte for Caro :3

Afterwards we met with Ayaka and had delicious Indian Curry with Naan Pan!! I love it (T//T)

And the Curry^^ I had Chicken Tikka Masala ^^ I love Nan pan(*-*)

Caro and me :3

Ayaka and me^^

It was so nice to meet Ayaka again^^ She has studied in Germany and speaks German soooo good (o//o)  My Japanese is bad in general but lately I became even more bad because somehow I rarely spoke Japanese lately..(T_T)
I really have to speak more Japanese...(;_;) 
Well no matter how much I speak, I won't be fluent when I go back...it's only 9 months and I am bad at learning languages. 
But well, I think learning a language properly always takes longer than only one year. At least it does in my case. So I'm not ashamed because my Japanse won't be perfect..it depends on the person how fast you learn to speak a language. 
But I am ashamed because lately I really don't speak a lot ;__; I have to change that!! (>o<)

However, afterwards we took Puri^^

My eyes are too big (-.-;)

It was so funny^^

Here is what I bought today!
Baggy Jeans and jeans shirt from Bershka(^^) 
The shirt was in Sale! Reduced from 4999Yen reduced to 1490Yen!! (^^)

I tried the outfit in the dressing room^^
I like it (*_*)

Again..Valentines Day stuff from 100Yen-Shop (T_T)

Masking-Tape (*0*)

And a new Bento-Box,it was in SALE too! (^0^)

Well..I bought too much again I think..feel so bad now (._.) But it's so cheap in sale and prime minister Abe will rise the sales tax up tp 8% so everything will become more expensive (T_T)

However, I have to sleep now and learn tomorrow..~


Yakiniku // Valentine's Day Shopping // Food

So the new semester at my university officially began today.

A week ago new students came to our dorm to live here for the next 4 months with us.

So yesterday we went to eat Yakiniku with everybody. It was the first time Yakiniku for me and I think..it's too hot and too much fire XDD But it was good and funny with everybody^^

The yakiniku-restaurant was very traditional, which I love^^

Kazu, Ichi, me, Momu, Ken :D

The hot pots :D

A great salad with Nori, lettuce and pine nuts :D

Burn, burn, burn...

Ken and Kazu, preparing the meat :D

Me and my lil sis Momu <3

Yesterday was "Seijin no hi", as you might know. On this day, everyone who gets 20 this year, dresses in beautiful kimono (or suit), have some party and meet up with their friends from elementary school or middle school.

I wanted to see the beautiful kimono so I went to the city. Unfortunately I didn't see any single girl in a kimono because I seemed to be too late, they all seemed to having party or something~

But I saw another ineteresting thing: On the street a group of young men demonstrated against Japan's too high education costs with slogans like "Not everybody can study because we have no money!"
It was the first time for me to see really young Japanese protesting on the street. You see protestors often, but often they're older people and the topics are often some things about religion or politics. But seeing young people speaking on the street about too high tuition fees was new to me. 

So I went to Loft to do some Valentine's Day shopping.

Valentine's Day is near and everywhere you can buy cute and beautiful accessoiries and stuff to make chocolates^^ 

Formerly Valentine's Day in Japan meant, that women gave chocolates to their partner, their male friends, their colleagues at work. One month ater, on 'White Day' (march 14th), the men give white chocolate back to the women. 

That was back then. Today you can give chocolates to your friends, to your parents, yourself or whatever XD 

In Germany there are not such cute wrappings or accessoiries and here they are so cheap s I bought a lot to take them back to Germany with me^^
So here is what I bought  
Heart-praline-molds, cookie-patterns, cookie-stamps and boxes :3

I like those boxes so much*_*

A lot of beautiful bags and wrapping tools(*_*)

Mini cake pans(*-*)

A super useful kitchen-tool! :D

A few days ago I finally bought the bento-box I wanted to have for so long (;//;) It's so beautiful <3

And some new lashes~

Some days ago I went to the cinema to finally watch 'Hunger Games 2' (in English)
The film is great and I'm looking so forward to finally read the books when I'm back in Germany :3
Coke zero and the ticket :D


 Now some random food pics of the last days~

Had another Taiyaki. This time it was "Murasaki-Imo-An" (Sweet potato with violet pulp and Anko)

My standard-lunch-style: Pumpkin, Miso soup and some salad~

Finally I can eat oats for breakfast again! :D I found affordable oats in our local supermarket :D Until now I only saw oats in import shops and they were super expensive (like 600-1000yen for a small package) but those were only 300Yen! :D

So the new semester has started and the new language course is really difficult. Tomorrow is the first vocabulary test and I have to learn now (-.-;) 58 words! -.-;; じゃ、頑張ります!


Interview at NHK // Cool Japan

As I told before in my Tokyo posting, I got interviewed by NHK in Tokyo.

Like the last time I was interviewed for TV, it was a funny coincidence.
When I checked out of my hotel in the morning, one of the Hotel's staff came over, asking me if I had some time now because NHK was here and they wanted to make an interview with a foreigner about Japanese food for the new 'Japan Brand'-series of the show 'Japan Special'. 

So because I had time, I said 'yes'. Then the friendly director, who was at my hotel did some phone calls, called a taxi and we went to the big SEIBU department store near Ikebukuro station. 

 There the film crew and the host of the show, the TV personality Jon Kabira where waiting and we did the shooting and interview in somewhat like 10 minutes. XD
We walked through the luxurious food court of SEIBU and talked about how beautiful japanese food is etc. In TV the scene was only 1 minute long XD

But that's pretty normal in TV, when my best friend and me had a little extra part in a movie back then, the shooting for the movie went from 7h until 22h and the scene inside the film was only like 5 minutes long XD

The whole crew was really nice and frienly, especially the director Mr. S. and Mr Kabira were really nice and we spoke a bit during the short breaks about what I study and where and if I liked Tokyo etc.

Afterwards Mr S. bought some expensive cookies for me as a thank-you gift and then I went to Odaiba to meet my friends^^

In the context of the Olympics 2020 and the 'Cool Japan'-campaign, the show broaches the issue of what could be considered as 'Japan brand' because for the Olmypics Japan wants to make Japan more interesting (even more?? XD) to tourists and I think it also wants to get away from the 'TVs, Geisha, Manga, Anime - that's all'-image and show that it has to show a lot more stuff than those clichés. 

You might have heard of the term "Cool Japan". I've learned about the context of 'Cool Japan' already in my culture classes at my university in Germany so I want to talk a bit about it.

So now some Japan's history lessons!! :DD

Since the 1990s, Japan's pop culture grew and grew and got more and more popular all over the globe. Irrespective of disasters, economic difficulties etc. the japanese pop culture has become bigger and bigger.
In the Japan the term 'Cool Japan' first appeared in 2002 and from then it's used to describe and advertise the japanese pop culture.

So 'Cool Japan' mostly refers to J-Pop, Anime, Manga, Cosplay, fashion, Games etc. but pop culture isn't the only thing about Japan, isn't it XD

So Japan wants to become more interesting to tourists and foreigners on many different levels so they are now trying to figure out what could be described as 'Japan brand'. 
So for example japanese food and the japanese food industry where everything has to be beautiful and nice, as well as seasonal food etc. 

So this first show was about japanese food and how foreigners think about it. 
It was a bit funny because the title of the interview with me was something like "Foreigners are surprised/Japanese Department". And I had to act like I saw all the japanese food for the first time XDD Well, I love japanese food and I also cooked in Germany a lot of japanese food and I'm living in Japan since half a year so it was not really 'new' or surprising to me^^; 

But however, it was a funny experience and I'm very thankful for having the chance to make more experiences^^ 


Shopping // Illumination // Outfits

Caro and me went to Sakae (Nagoya's downton) to sell clothes at Book off Super Bazaar and do some shopping and stroll a bit through the shops.

First we went to Nagoya Station and had lunch at Saizeriya.
Caro had Pizza

I had shrimp tomato Risotto :D

Afterwards we went to Sakae to sell clothes at Book-off.
In Book-off Super Bazaar you can buy and sell used clothes. You just bring old clothes there and Book Off buys them from you and then sells them afterwards. Well, it was a shock somehow XD I brought 5 pieces there. Ok, they were not up-to-date but they were nice,  not broken, not too old. a skirt, some shirts whatever. But what I got in the end was...390yen. (-.-;;) I mean, 390Yen for 5 pieces of clothes, I was like "what?" (oO;)

However I handled the shock by buying two DVDs XD
Dir en grey "Final 5 Ugly Kingdom" and "Miliyah Eternal Heaven" - both for an amazing price^^ Oh I love Book-off<3

Afterwards we went to Shimamura because they had Sale. I really like Shimamura, they have cut clothes.
I bought two sweaters and one skirt/shorts~


Afterwards we went to Oasis 21, another amusement and shopping arcade right underneath Nagoya Tower.
The park there was illuminated^^ It looked so nice^^

Nagoya TV Tower




We went to Starbucks and had Matcha Latte

And I bought some stuff at the Ghibli-shop(*0*) I love those shops, luckily we have 3 ones in Nagoya (which I know^^)

Two towels and stamps! (*0*) I plan to make a Totoro-bathroom when I come back home, with only Totoro-goods and stuff^^


We strolled around and then drove back to our home district 'Yagoto' to have dinner^^

 I had my beloved Nagoya-style Misonikomi-Udon

Caro had Zaru Soba(*-*)

Well..eating continued (-.-;)
I went to Baskin Robbins for the first time(-.-;)
Mine was the left: 'NY Cheesecake' and 'French Toast', right one was Caro's: 'Choco-holic' and some cherry-berry-choco-mix^^

It tasted really good, but it was so expensive..2 'small' scones for 440Yen..(@.@) But it's really worth the money, sooo good(^^)

We also made Puri(^^)

Two books I bougt yesterday^^
A Rilakkuma-food book^^

A choco for your friends-book for Valentine's Day ^^

In Japan it's a fashion to give chocolate to everybody XD Before only women gave chocolate to men they knew but nowadays you give choco to your friends, parents, yourself XD Whoever you like :D

Outfits and styles, boring as usual~
Coat: one way
sweater: Lowrys Farm
bottom: Lowrys Farm

My new dress, bought at Suzutan^^

And when I came back to my dormitory, there was a package for me from my boyfriend (T//T) <3 A christmas present..<3
Soooo many sweets again(*0*)
A Hobbit-themed Moleskine and a Stephen King-audio book(*0*)

Thank you, those presents are so great (*///*) I'm so happy right now but I eat too much sweets already (T///T) 

However, it was a nice day, now I have to go to bed, it's too late already (@o@)