Meeting Thanh Thao again!!

Hey there again~

Just a short update about what happened lately~

I started working in TENTEN Coffee again^^

 I'm so happy to be with all the nice people from TenTen, Naniwa and the other shops and all the nice customers of the Immermannstr. and Oststr. in Düsseldorf - it feels a bit like Japan sometimes : 3

 Oh and I own a smartphone now. As you saw, I started instagram and codenote. Feel free to follow if you like^^

Here are some pics I made in TENTEN lately^^

Chocolate & salted caramel tart, coffee, frozen Yogurt with lemon tart cream and salad from TENTEN Yogurt^^ <3

Today I finally met my dear friend Thanh Thao again after more than one year!! (*_*)
I was so happy to see her again <3<3

We went to Takumi to have Ramen and afterwards we went to Tenten Yogurt^^

We didn't have so much time to speak because I'm still not living in Düsseldorf so I have a long way home every day and had to leave early.  I'm looking forward to meet her again soon to speak more and have a lot of fun^^

It's good to be back in the hood :D 


Recipe: Taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped cake)

Taiyaki is my favourite japanese sweet snack. 
I ate it very often in Japan and wanted to try as many different flavours in different cities as possible^^

I even noticed some differencies between Taiyaki from different cities. Nagoya's Taiyaki are rather crispy with a thin batter. In Tokyo I ate very thick and soft Taiyaki two times and in Osaka I found a Crepes-batter-taiyaki. 

In Japan they use various delicious fillings, depending on the season.
I tried vanilla custard cream, chocolate custard, sweet potato, Murasaki-Imo (violet potato), Matcha cream, white bean paste, red bean paste and chestnut(^^)

But there are also banana, mochi, strawberry fillings or even okonomiyaki, yakisoba, takoyaki or croissant-batter-taiyaki and other fillings!

Today I tried the Taiyaki pan that I had bought in Japan(^0^)

I was not sure if I could use it on an electric stove but it worked pretty well, it just takes a bit longer than if you're using a gas stove.

For the dough, I used the recipe by Cooking with dog! <3

I bought this spoon-set in Japan, it's so useful to know how much of one ingredient is necessary for a recipe.^^

So here are the ingredients~
Makes app. 5 pieces

100g Cake Flour
2/3 tsp Baking Soda
2 tbsp Sugar
1/2 Egg
100ml Water 


Red Bean paste (or any other filling like white bean paste, jam, vanilla or chocolate custard, chocolate-nut-cream like nutella (it becomes very liquid because of the heat, it's not so easy to handle those creams with taiyaki. However it's extremely delicious^^)

Beat the egg a bit with a fork.

Add the water and mix both.

 Sift the fluor, sugar and baking soda together (I didn't sift them -.-;)

While you mix with a fork, add the egg-water-mix and stir with the fork.

  Dissolve every lump until the batter is even.

Heat and oil the pan.

First, cover the molds with batter so that the molds are fillied out completely.

Then add some of your filling (I used Tsubu-an, red bean paste)

Spread more batter over the filling to cover it completely.

Close the pan and flip it over immediately. Let it sit like this on highest heat for some time.

Check the cakes~ Still too white.
Cook the cakes some minutes, every now and then flip the pan and check.
If they are browned on both sides, they're ready!


Nice beautiful Taiyaki!! (^^)

 Some of the Taiyaki I ate while I lived in Japan.

Crepe-dough Taiyaki in Osaka

Murasaki-Imo Taiyaki at Aeon in Nagoya

Standard Taiyaki in the little Taiyaki-shop near my dormitory

Matcha-custard-creme <3<3

Thick and soft Chestnut-anko Taiyaki in Asakusa, Tokyo

Chocolate-vanilla-custard in Nagano, Tokyo


I'm not dead - France vacation//Updates

Hey there~

I'm still alive lol

Had just no time at all to post something.
After coming back, my family took me to an almost 2-week vacation to the end of the world or short: to a little house at the side of the ocean in Bretagne, France. Without internet (-.-;)

At the moment I'm busy with finding a new apartment, I'm living at my Mom's place atm.

So just a few pics about the vacation in France~

Where we lived - Plouarzel 
The Altlantic Ocean



The "nearby" village

Pastries in the supermarket

St. Renan



On the beach

It was a nice holiday but just too lonely. No internet, no town or city nearby..I'm really not used to so much loneliness and little villages.
I'm happy to be back again and now concentrate on finding an apartment and going back to work at TENTEN Coffee soon <3