Popteen January 2014//Going to Tokyo//Present from my Boyfriend

Announcement: I did it XD I booked night busses and Sakura Hostel Ikebukuro and I will be in Tokyo from Dec.18th until december 26th. But without the help of my dear friend Katrin I would not have made this^^ Thank you so much, she helped me with reservations and everything (^^)

I just noticed that I will be alone in Tokyo on christmas..this will be lonely like hell..but well, nothing doing~

Why not longer? 
There are 2 reasons, 1 good and 1 bad.
The good reason is, on Dec 27th japanese friends of mine are having a Christmas party here in Nagoya and they invited me too, I'm looking so forward to this and want to be there^^
The bad reason is my university. Nanzan University is all in all a good university, the only bad point is the semester plan. As I've written in my blog before, Nanzan is not like other jap. universities. The semesters are like at american universities (maybe because most of the exchange students are Americans, I don't know) that means the semesters are only 4 months long, "one exchange year" means 9 months. No long holidays, only 3 weeks in the winter. Well, I was quite ok with that. I wanted to go to Tokyo from Dec 28th until Jan 9th (school starts at jan. 14th)
But now I  found out that we aleady have to be back at university at january 7th only to get our text books and sign up for the classes! That's not "holiday" if they force us to be in Nagoya one week before school actually starts... however that the reason I have to go early and not so long to Tokyo. But whatever, I'm looking forward^^


Something else.. today, out of a sudden, surprisingly a package from my boyfriend arrived (T//T)

 It was so unexpected.. I got a phone call saying that there's a package for me and I thought "oh maybe my mom or my best friend sent me something" but than I saw his name and address and I took the package and when I was in my room I couldn't hold back the tears, I don't know why I had to cry so much.. I miss you so so much.. and it was so sudden , I didn't expect it and all my favourite sweets and even an advent calendar and the deodorant which I always use in Germany and which is not available in Japan and he said the even wanted to send me more but the package was too small.. (;///;) Thank you so much(;__;)


Bought the January '14 issue of Popteen today and I like this one again^^
I didn't like the last ones that much but this one is really nice and funny again, though I still miss the recipe-pacges (did they kick them out completely? Didn't see recipes in the last issues too)

So here are some photos of the nicest and also funniest pics :D (click to enlarge)

Kana Nishino was the cover-girl. And a interview with her about christmas.

What you need in december, for example christmas food!

How the Popteen-girls (and boys lol) celebrate Christmas :D

Very pretty Christmas Make-up^^

The following was really interesting. Questions to readers, where they like to go on christmas with either boyfriend or friends, what they like to receive/give as presents etc. 
 Fav place to go with bf: Disneyland & Ski
Fav present to receive: Accessory
Fav present to give: Accessory

 Fav place to go with friends: Disneyland & Ski 
Fav present to get: "Acce-kei" is written there what means "Accessory-Kei", well I don't know the difference between Accessory and Accessory-Kei XD
Fav present to give: Cosmetics 

This is how you should behave so that boys like you~
1. Smile alwas
2. sometimes put your hair behind your ear
3. take his arm
4. touch him softly sometimes 
5. grap his clothes instead of his hand
6. Have good manners
7.But don't give food like salads for example on the plate of your bf for him. Men think they can pick what they want on their own without a girl putting it on their plate for them to be nice.
Ok..I will remember those rules XDDDDD

Oh and here what you should give your bf as a present:

And then a lot of cute outfits for New Year's end party or Christmas party etc.

 And accessory

And some pages of couple-clothing~

And some brand-advertisment~

Some outfits that include pink and white which is said to be 'liked' by Popteen

More pastel clothes and pastel world (*///*)

Interview with a boy called Miura Shouhei, and actor and singer (I think) and the interview is about christmas (what else XD)~ Which present the likes, of course he likes kawaii girls etc.

 Some Disneyland-advertisment or where to go on christmas either with your friends or with your bf

Now something about how boys celebrate Christmas! :D
Oh sorry, it's wirtten "men"! So cool. 

So what do they do on christmas?

Having wiiiiiild partiiiies with their friiiiends! :D 

Cuddling in the bed together :D

Make silly faces :D


So what's next~ Body!
How you should sit in school~

If you lie on the ground next time and texting someone, why not doing some exercice? :D

The next part is funny and intereting too^^ A 'fight' between black and blonde hair. 
The argument for black hair: There is a "neat and clean"-boom in Japan atm.
Argument for blonde hair: It fits to everything. 

So which haircolor is better for which make-up..

Which looks nicer with which hairstyle..

And which fits better to which coordination~ In the end blonde hair won~ I prefer none of both XD I love brown hair (though I would prefer black over blonde 'cause blonde is just..I will never like it I think, don't ask me why I don't know why I dislike blonde hair so much-.-;)

One of my favourite parts of Popteen are the clothes-diaries of the models :D

I love this hairstyle^^

And more Christmas party :D

And (of course) the diet section :D Some nice samples what you could eat on one day but no recipes :( Usually I find some nice recipes but this time I was a bit disappointed~

And some nice make-up presented by Kumicky <3

The older she gets, the more beautiful she becomes^^ I hope will continue with the more sexy and mature style, it suits here so much better than the teen-style^^

And of course something about Miliyah again <3

Christmas nails~
I know I was a bit ironic about this Popteen-issue, but really some things are so funny.
Still I like this magazine, because it has so many different topics and there are a lot of interesting things like surveys of readers, what they currently like/think etc.
I think that's really interesting^^ And of course I like Kumicky :3
And this time the fashion was also very cute and nice (which i missed in the last issues)

I have to go to bed now..(@o@)


  1. I will be in Tokyo while you are in Tokyo!!
    We should go have lunch ♥

    There is a really cute omurice cafe in Ikebukuro! ^^

    Do you have LINE? ♥

  2. How super sweet of your boyfriend sending
    this huuuuge package of German goodies
    and foodies c: also thanks for scanning and
    uploading the magazine! Xx

  3. Aww das ist ja süß von deinem Freund mit dem Paket! :) das mit der uni ist irgendwie echt doof..;^; dass ihr so früh da sein müsst, wegen den Büchern. .
    Du findest bestimmt noch Jemanden, der vllt auch über Weihnachten in Tokyo ist!;^; wäre ja echt doof, wenn du ganz alleine bist!

  4. I was thinking it would be great to go to Tokyo during the winter as well! I'm really excited for you! I am looking forward to hearing all your adventures. Hm... Perhaps it is a little lonely, but you have complete control over what you do! :)

    That's so nice that you got such a thoughtful gift from your boyfriend. :)

    I ordered the December Popteen last year, but I like this one so much better! I'm really liking the soft, girly looks. Seems like Disney is really popular because it was in last year's issue as well! I like brown hair as well, but that's probably because I myself have brown hair! XD I guess not including recipes is a more recent thing? Last year they had them... I agree that Kumicky looks beautiful! I honestly almost didn't recognize her. This style of makeup really suits her.

    I'm glad that you're happy and having a good time! I look forward to your posts as always. Ah, now I really need to work on school... I'm so behind >.<

  5. oh my god that is so cute of your boyfriend!! ;___; I think I can understand how you felt. That is awesome.

  6. I love your popteen review :D You should do that more often! I think I will purchase this issue because it looks great and the cover is so cute!

  7. Sakura Hostel Ikebukuro is great !!! ^^ That's where I stayed last year during my New Years' holiday in Tokyo. Ikebukuro is really nice and I felt safe walking alone everywhere. It's also only 5 minutes walk from the station where you can get the Yamanote Line to go anywhere around Tokyo, very convenient!!

  8. Popteen this month issue looks interesting! Here's also Popteen in Thailand. But the content is quite different. I wanna buy Popteen in Japan! (>o<)

  9. Aww wie süß von deinem Freund!!! ♥ Was für tolle Sachen er dir geschickt hat ^o^
    Aw Kana als Covergirl, wie süß!! Da wird sich Stefan aber freuen... :) Er mag Kana Nishino sehr.
    Und ich LIEBE Kumicky. Sie ist sooo hübsch, hach *-*
    Fand es so toll als wir sie im März live gesehen haben!! ♥
    Liebe Grüße

  10. Merry Christmas to you in Tokyo! I hope it's not too sad and too lonely for you.