My trip to Tokyo: Shibuya//Meeting Katrin//109

 My post will probably be boring, because of few and bring pics (-.-;)

I came back from my 8-days-trip to Tokyo today morning. I went there by night-bus because it's cheap^^
I arrived in Tokyo last week's wednesday early at 6h. Luckily I could check out at such an early time in my Hotel: Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro. Very friendly staff and nice Hotel^^ Thanks to Janis and Aki who recommended it to me^^

So after I had checked in, I just lay on my bed and tried to get some sleep but soon my dormitory mates would wake up so I did not get much sleep ^^;; 

I went for breakfast in a near Café.

 The first three days it was raining so my first impression of Tokyo was a bit dirty and cold XD 

Afterwards I met Katrin in Shibuya. That was my outfit, already visible that I gained weight(-.-);

However. Getting to Shibuya was really easy. I was a bit afraid before because I was alone and the first time Tokyo etc. but it was so easy because Tokyo's stations are so well organized and everywhere are signs etc.

So...I saw Hachiko for the first time!! 

It was so great to see this famous statue and in general, to see Shibuya and the big crossing etc. It's so great to be there and see everything in reality^^

Shibuya crossing! It's already visible how crowded it is but it got more crowded later (-.-;)

Katrin picked me up at Hachiko and we went to Shibuya109^^ I wanted to see it and

It was fun to see all the shops and the famous 109 in general^^ I even bought a coat there because the pre-New Year sale had already started. I bought the jacket at One way. As expected, the quality was not too good XD When I wore it for the first time, one button fell off (-.-;) I went there again some days later and luckily got a new jacket^^

Afterwards we were hungry and went to Gusto. It was the first time for me in such a Family Restaurant, in Nagoya I somehow never go there^^;

We both had Macaroni-Prawn-Gratin^^ Very good :3

I did not take a pic of Katrin and me (T_T) 
I will post about the next day later~

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  1. So ein hübsches Mädchen brauch sich doch keine Sorgen um die Figur machen. ^ ^ Außerdem bist du doch echt schlank. Schöne Bilder! Schade, dass das Wetter nicht so gut war. Wünsche dir noch viel Spaß!~