My trip to Tokyo: Meeting Evelyn//Meetin Kerstin//Meiji-jingu//Harajuku!

On my second day in Tokyo I had a breakfast at the nearby Excelsior Coffee.

Afterwards I went to Shinjuku and got totally lost in the station. I have no idea why XD It was the first and only time for me to get lost in a station and I had no idea where I was XDD

I met My friend Evelyn who is studying at Keio university atm^^ We went to Tully's and had some long chat about everything^^ Sadly I forget to take a photo of us (T___T) 
Irish Cream Latte at Tully's

Later we strolled through Shinjuku and I saw this great LEGO stuff! :D
 It was so nice to meet Evelyn and I really regret that I did not take more pictures (T_T)

On saturday I met Kerstin, who is living in Tokyo right now^^ We went to the Meiji shrine and afterwards to Harajuku! :D

The Meiji shrine was built from 1912 until 1920 and dedicated to the Meiji Tenno, it was destroyed in the war and rebuilt afterwards.
 The entrance to Meiji-jingu^^ I saw a Tanuki there by accident!! It was so great^^ He was strolling there through the coppice^^

lol washing my hands. Maybe it's funny but I haven't did this until now so I wanted to do it at least once^^;

 There was a marriage at that date but I didn't take pictures, many other tourists took pictures of the cerenomy without shame(-.-;)

Instead, I bought an Ema and wrote a wish on it^^ afterwards I hung it up to all the other Ema^^

We went to the stairs and prayed. Afterwards we bought Omikuji.
Omikuji are oracle phrases by the emperor that you can buy for 100Yen.

My Omikuji.

 Those ropes with the paper attached are Shinto-symbols. This rope shows, that those two trees or one of them is one or more kami (japanese deities).

The Meiji-shrine was very nice^^

Afterwards we went to Harajuku! It was great to see the famous Takeshita dori! 
There were so many great looking people, cosplayers, Visus etc. I thought the scene was dead but it's not^^ 

The famous entry to Takeshita Dori!! 

It was early so it was not so crowded but later it got soooo crowded (o.o;)

Wonder Rocket!! :D

After we strolled through Takeshita Dori and I had plundered a great Visual kei shop where they sold all the old used Merchandise and CDs, DVDs and stuff (*O*), we went to Shibuya to have lunch^^

 On our way to Shibuya we saw this great little Pinocchio shop*_*

Made the pics for my boyfriend, he likes Pinocchio^^

Kerstin showed me a great little café/restaurant which name I forgot (T_T) 
We had a great Kabocha-Curry there^^ 

 Coffee Latte afterwards :3

Kerstin (*__*) <3

 Some too dark pics of the inside (._.;)

Afterwards we went to Harajuku again to have a famous Harajuku-crepe! (*0*)
NHK central building~

Shibuya AX, concert hall~

So we went to super crowded Harajuku and got some amazing crepe(*_*)
My Crepese was something like: Milk Caramel Cookie Choco Cream XD

Kerstin's crepe was chocolate brownie I think^^

Afterwards we made Puri^^

In the Puri-shop :D

Afterwards we walked over Omotesando, the famous avenue of Harajuku.

if you enlarge the picture, you can see that the avenue goes on to the horizon and it's all crowded with people!! (O.O;)


 This is what I bought in the VK-Shop!! :D
A lot of old fan-goods of Diru :D Both best of-CDs, fan-magazines 'Hairo no ginka', towels and a bag(*-*) It was so cheap(*o*)

Ikebukuro in the night :D

It was a very nice day with Kerstin, see the Meiji-jingu and Harajuku(*v*)


  1. amazing! Looks like you had great time.
    Really want to visit Japan too <3 ^^

  2. I'm glad you're having fun! ^^ Thank you for sharing.