My Trip to Tokyo: Meeting Anna in Nakano// Asakusa // Shibuya

On sunday I met Anna. We didn't see each other for somewhat like 4 years now (o.o;)
 4 years ago we had some fun with friends in Dusseldorf, I was just exploring Japanese Pop culture and Anna was already planning her life in Japan :D

We went to Koenji and Nakano ^^ Again, I made too less pictures (-.-;)

But Anna showed me a great Taiyaki-booth! There I had Caramel-custard-Taiyaki and Anna had Choco-banana-Taiyaki^^
They also had Yakisoba-filling, Custard-filling, choco, vanilla, anko, mochi etc. - so great (*_*)

Nakano shopping mall~

We had lunch in a great Indian restaurant^^ Indian curry with Naan-bread, so great! :D

And we made puri^^

It was so nice to meet her again, thank you for this nice day^^

On the next day, I went to Asakusa! ^^

The Asakusa-temple is the oldest and most important buddhist temple of Tokyo!

Allegedly the first shrine was built in 645 but that's myth. In 1180 the name 'Asakusa' was reported for the first time when Minamoto no Yoritomo (the first shogun of Japan) visited the temple. The temple was buned down and destroyed several times during the times and rebuilt in 1958 for the last time. 
 First you have to walk through this big gate.

Then comes a long street full of shops and boothes who sell everything: Food, Omiyage, Asakusa souvenirs, T-shirts, plastic stuff, plushies etc.

if you managed to fight your way through the many consumption loving tourists, you get to the second gate.

lol I was here~

Tokyo Skytree is visible~

After passing through, the actual temle hall.

Infront, an 'incense place' or whatever.

It brings you luck and health if you inhale the smoke.

And then the stairs to the inner of the temple. I did not take photos of the inner as I think it's not appropiate in a religious or spiritual place but you can find pics elsewhere in the internet of the temple's inner^^ 

The people could climb the stairs and upstairs is a place for praying. You throw some money and pray.
The temple is dedicated to Kannon, the buddhist deity of mercy. 

Besides the pagoda. 

Also included in the area is the rokkakudō (six-sided house) which is from Muromachi-period (1336-1573) and the oldest building that's still preserved (but I could imagine that it was bombed too and rebuilt but not sure) and a garden (which I didn't visit T__T)

Instead I bought some sweets (T//T) It's a highlight for me, whereever place in Japan I go, I buy Omiyage (eatable souvenirs) because they are typical for this place or city and mostly only available in this city/place^^
Tori-pastry filled with Anko :3

 The souvenir-street was too crowded so I escaped to one of the side streets.

Lucky I did!! Because I found an awesome Taiyaki-shop!!! :D

Look how thick they are!!

It was the best Taiyaki I had until now (*O*) 

It was a great and funny day^^ 

Afterwards I met KAtrin in Shibuya again^^ Again I didn't take a pic of us (T///T)
But I took great pics of Shibuya at night! :D

We went to Saizeriya and shared a pizza :D
Shibuya at daytime~

Margerita Pizza for 400Yen :D

 Afterwards Donuts at Mister Donut. O yeah, I ate a lot in Tokyo.. it's always when I go ona  trip I get in a 'journey-mode' and eat a lot, buy a lot etc. XD

I wanted to eat the special Snoopy-Christmas-donut but it wasn't as good as expected. Too much lemon :/

Last but not least, Shibuya at night!! :D

It was a nice day^^


  1. The food looks so good! Is taiyaki your favorite sweet? Wow you saw a lot in such a small amount of time! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. sosososo schöne Bilder! Ihr beide seid hübsch!!