My new fav magazine: SEDA!

Last months I discovered a new magazine, SEDA. 

I was searching for a new magazine because, as I said before, Popteen is still cute but the last issues were not so great; nuts is a little bit monotonous in my eyes (fashion only), and other Gyaru-magazines are not really my taste or too expensive.

However, here are some pics of SEDA!

The magazine included fashion, lifestyle, make-up, hairstyles, photo-story, accessory, recipes etc. 

The fashion could be described as casual, cute, a bit street and everyday-style, individual and rather inexpensive.
I would say the main audience are university students and young people working in jobs like barista, waitress, fashion shop etc. 

 Christmas-feature! :D

In december issue was a big feauture about Audrey Hepburn!! <3

Delicious Kabocha-recipes^^

The feature above was great - tips how to wear fashion suitable to your body type and figure^^

In january issue were starbucks-recipes! (o.o;)

I really like SEDA, besides the many-sided content, it costs only 500Yen which is quite inexpensive, because most magazines cost up 650yen or more.


  1. This mag looks really good! Will buy this the next time too!
    ありがとう! ^o^

  2. I really like how it's focuses on comfy and casual clothing. Honestly, I think gyaru is too much for everyday life at university... What do you think? The recipes look pretty good too! Book-off has cheap magazines (around 105yen), but of course they're old... Did you notice that magazines with gifts are more expensive? I always thought the gifts came free with the magazine, but you're really paying for them... :( An exchange student I spoke briefly with earlier this year told me she liked a magazine called "No no" or "Non no" (not sure). I'm guessing it has more casual/street clothing. Maybe you should check it out next time you go shopping. :)

    Good luck on exams (or are you done already?). Mine are all on the day after tomorrow... I need to read more...

  3. Can you please post some recipes? :3 I'd love to know the kabocha gratin recipe!

  4. Sieht total interessant aus. ^^ Ich finde die Styles so schön einfach und trotzdem süß. Passt auch gut zu deinem Style, finde ich ^^