It's been a while//Taiyaki making//Super Parfait//Outfits

Maah sorry for being away for those days~ But like for the whole last days my PC did not want to open blogger or my blog!! It just would load and load and load but never open. It's the internet here in the dorm.. really slow and crappy :/

Well here are some pics of the last days~

First some random outfits~

Pretty boring outfit in university XD
Last week Caro and me went to AEON to do some shopping and make Taiyaki afterwards.
I had bought a Taiyaki-pan at the internet some days ago because I love Taiyaki and want to make it on my own^^
For those might not now, Taiyaki is a cake baked in the shape of a fish and filled with some stuff. The typical filling is anko (red bean paste) but depending on the season you can get chestnut, vanilla pudding, pumpkin and today I even saw choco cream ^^

Yeee my Taiyaki-pan arrived : D


But first we strolled through AEON, bought some stuff, looked at all the nice things and had lunch. 
Caro had Zaru-soba

I had Kake Soba.
 390Yen (*bitch please*) I would dream of such prices in Germany..-.- 

Then we returned to my dorm and made Taiyaki^^
Hehe preparing Taiyaki : D We made them with Anko and choco cream.


Some days ago, Yoshie asked me if I wanted to go eat a huge Parfait with some friends^^ So we went to Sakae! :D It was nice to be here again, I haven't been here for some time 'cause I was busy with university.

Everywhere are so nice christmas decorations^^

  We went to Cats Garden in Sakae.
Cute figures infront of the café^^

The menu! Everything looked so good!^^

The parfait on the right side was the biggest they had, it was just huge! But we took the one in the middle as we were only 6 people^^

Cute decoration on the table^^

   And then our parfait came!!


Doesn't it look super delicious?^^ Well it also was delicious, though somehow it was not that much for 6 people, but well, I don't wanna have ice cream for a main dish so it was pretty ok to have it as a little snack^^ 

Yoshie, Eri and a very nice guy whose name I've forgotten 'cause we just met for the first time on that day (;O;)

Yesterday I went to Osu with some dorm mates who wanted to buy Omiyage for their families and friends because they'll soon return to their home countries (;_;)


Taiyaki again (;///;)

Hehe, found the 'Goldbär' lol

Christmas decoration in Sakae station~

Afterwards I went for dinner with Anthony, a dorm mate^^ 
I'm happy if I find someone who want to eat japanese food as much as I want because most people around me are either vegetarians or prefer western or chinese food so it's always a bit difficult to eat what I want when I'm out with others^^;; Well mostly I'm ok with it, most important is to eat something but I prefer traditional japanese food^^;;
I had Misonikomi-Udon^^ Could really become my new favourite dish..

Anthony had Tempura-Udon~

Now some random food pics~
Bentos I made~ 
Yaki-Tamago, Teriyaki-salmon, Onigiri, Edamame~

Soba, Pumpkin, Teriyaki-salmon, Yaki-Tamago

Some of my meals~

Teriyaki-salmon (so often lately-.-;) and Tsukimi-Udon^^

Grilled salmon, pumpkin with meat-sauce and Miso soup~

Pumpkin with Furikake, Salmon, Onigiri, Miso soup

 Today I met my dear friend Fumie again for our monday-lunch and we had something like  a mini-christmas party :D
I had brought german Christmas "Stollen" and Fumie had brought those delicious Nagoya-sticks XD Was so fun and nice^^

Some purchases~
Sweater from Magender

Pants/Skirts from Honeys

And finally, I have bought my first japense New Year's mochi!! (*_*) This is a typical New Year's decoratoion, rice cakes (still wrapped in plastic) and a mandarin on top. After New Year you eat it^^ I have seen this so often in japanese films, manga, the internet and I'm so happy that I can buy all those nice New Year's decorations now^^

Some Ikebana I'd made in last week's class~

And to say good-bye: Nagoya in December!

Today was the last lesson, on thursday is our final Ikebana-test, until friday I have to finish my 8-pages report for Literature course and next monday and tuesday are the final Japanese exams. Afterwards holidays and Tokyo! ^0^


  1. Your outfits are gorgeous and the pans seem awesome *__* <3333 all the food looks gorgeous.

  2. Deine Outfits sind toll ;^; ♡♡♥

  3. I love japanese food as well or at least say all the noodle dishes because sadly I don't like seafood so there is a lot I can't eat! Japanese people eating sooooo much fish! Still I love eating udon, ramen and what not!! *0* So I really love your food pics. They give e nice inspiration on what to eat next! xD
    Also have to mention that I love your hair on the first outift pic. Long curely hair totaly suits you!
    Wish you best luck for your ikebana test and the report you have to write!!
    Uiii and thanks for the information about the mochi I didn't new that thought I also watch many japanese movies and dramas but I never recognized this ritual. >-< So thanks for telling!!
    Wish you a great week!! bye~

  4. Das Essen sieht alles so lecker aus!!! ;O; Ich will auch *schnüff* Deine Outfits sind echt süß, steht dir gut!! :)
    Das letzte Foto ist voll hübsch.
    Liebe Grüße